3 Climbers Attempt the Unclimbed South Face of Mount Deborah

Photo Credit: Erik Eisele

Photo Credit: Bayard Russell

Michael Wejchert (top) and his New England partners, Elliot Gaddy (right) and OR Athlete Bayard Russell (left) are off to attempt the unclimbed South Face of Mount Deborah in Alaska.  Early in the season we sent Michael and Elliot some ibex products to test during their training, and to take with them for their climb.  Here are some words from Michael in preparations for their adventure.

“Well, it’s almost time.  Elliot Gaddy, Bayard Russell and I are flying out to Alaska in two days.  Gear is draped over every surface of the house, I keep running around adding last-minute items to the packing list, and it seems ridiculous how little time we have all of a sudden.
But, this ain’t our first rodeo.  This time, we’re going to attempt the unclimbed South Face of Mount Deborah—a snowy monolith in the Hayes Range, notorious for its bad weather and remoteness.  While the climb may take as little as three days, we’ll be in basecamp for three weeks.
That’s…three weeks without cheeseburgers, beer from a tap, and my personal favorite, a shower.  So I’m pretty excited to be wearing my woolies base layers.  They’re light, quick drying, and they climb well.  That’s something I can appreciate.  What’s more, they don’t smell like your standard base-layer, which in three weeks, is something we’ll all appreciate.”

We’ll be checking back with Michael for a post climb report on how the trip went.  In the meantime check out his blog Far North to see/read about his recent adventures.

Best of luck guys!