Annie Tedesco is Stranded in the Irish Backcountry

The premise: “Stranded in the Backcountry” is Ibex’s mash up of the New York Times’ “Three Days In…” series, NPR’s Desert Island Discs, and our own bias for skipping out on society every now and again. Whether it’s a stroke a good luck or your worst, extroverted nightmare is up to you.

Who: Anne Tedesco is a professional jewelry designer, avid collector, sponsored climber, aspiring world traveler, and amateur entomologist. She might crush a double-digit climb then spend the rest of the day nose-in-the-dirt playing with bugs and searching for the bright, shiny things that inspire her jewelry. Annie recently moved from Boulder, Colo., to the Big Apple. So perhaps the dream of three solo days in the wilderness is more timely than ever? Then again, maybe she’ll be solving some indoor bouldering problems in the heart of New York City. We asked her to join our crew of Ibex influencers, and despite the million things she has on her plate, she graciously obliged.

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Ibex Question (IQ): Of all the real or metaphorical desert islands in the world, where would you choose to be stranded? 

Annie Tedesco (AT): I would choose to be in Ireland!! I’ve wanted to go there for as long as I remember!

IQ: How do you feel about three days alone?

AT: I love being alone, but I believe three days is my max.

IQ: You get to pack one piece of outdoor gear. What do you bring?

AT: Definitely my green Ibex Indie Hera Hoody and woolies pants, along with other fuzzy, warm things! Plus, I’d want to bring my Evolv Shaman LV climbing shoes (just in case there is dry rock somewhere), a beeswax candle, a raincoat, and my camera.

IQ: What luxury item do you pack?

AT: Licorice tea and my cashmere bathrobe. [Editor’s note: In fairness, please smuggle the licorice tea in the pocket of the cashmere bathrobe. No one needs to be the wiser that you’ve snuck in two luxury items.]

IQ: How do you spend your days in solitude?

AT:  I would be venturing around, exploring the bluffs and hills, and feeling the ocean mist hit my skin. Mostly, I would be searching to find the farm where my great grandma grew up. And I would have to try and find myself some authentic Irish cream liqueur as well.

IQ: What book do you hope is on the bookcase?

AT: Any murder mystery will do.

IQ: There’s no Internet, but there is a working CD player. Which album (or three) do you hope is on the shelf?

AT: I’m not a huge music person. I mostly listen to pop music on the radio.

IQ: On the flip side, which song – if played on endless repeat – would make you run naked and screaming from the hut after three days?

AT: Almost every Drake song.

IQ: If you could have anyone in the world join you, who would it be?

AT: Dev, my boyfriend. Seriously, I want to take him everywhere with me.

IQ: What’s the first thing you do when you return to civilization?

AT: First a hot shower. Then I’d curl up in bed and watch a movie with some hot chocolate.