Climbing Against the Odds on Mt. Shasta

On June 22, 2016, a team of men and women will attempt to reach the summit of Mt. Shasta, a 14,179 ft. peak at the southern end of the Cascade Range. This annual mountaineering expedition is Climb Against the Odds, sponsored by The Breast Cancer Fund.

Both breast cancer survivors and those who have been directly affected by the disease will challenge their physical limits and raise money in support of breast cancer prevention. And while each member of the team carries their own reason to reach the top, climbing together provides a support system that will help them summit together. This teamwork and motivation is exactly  what the The Breast Cancer Fund stands for in their ongoing work and dedication to preventing the disease.

The Breast Cancer Fund is adamant about eliminating toxic chemicals and radiation in our environment as a means to prevent breast cancer. As a natural fiber company, prevention is at the core of Ibex’s values. Ibex has been a longtime supporter of Against the Odds and The Breast Cancer Fund because they advocate for a mission that Ibex believes in: Passion, teamwork and ambition can accomplish great things.