How to Win Friends and Influence Road Trip Companions With Only Two Pairs of Underwear

Ibex doesn’t only exist to swaddle you in buttery-soft, fashion-forward wool goodness. We’re also here to answer your most burning questions – on life, career, fun, love, you know… the usual things you expect from the people who make your clothes.

On today’s docket, we address everyone’s favorite rite of passage: the road trip. Do you go books on tape or music? Do you eat in the car or not? Do you stop at the weird roadside attractions? (That’s always an unequivocal “yes,” by the way.) What about the minimalist trips? No one appreciates an over-packer. Can you survive a cross-country trip with only a dream, two pairs of underwear, and your friendships intact?

What you’ll need: 

  • Two pairs of underwear. For men, we recommend the D-Lux Boxers, or the Woolies 150 Boxer Briefs if you prefer a…umm…sportier fit. For women, we’d go with one Balance Brief and one Balance Boy Short (supremely comfy for long days in the driver’s seat).
  • Gentle, plant-based cleaner. We like Ecover or Seventh Generation. Pour into your own small, travel-sized container.
  • A small bucket or collapsible dog bowl (not to do double duty as your pup’s drinking source).
  • Two chip clips.
  • Friends.

What you’ll do:

  • If you’re unfamiliar with the benefits of Merino wool, our suggestion to wear wool may – at first blush – sound like some sort of medieval torture scenario of a hot, itchy seat. Not so. The Cliff’s Notes version of why wool is the answer: temperature regulating, naturally anti-bacterial and odor-fighting, soft, and evaporative cooling. Got it? Good.
  • While wearing one pair of undies, fill small bucket with water. Dip second pair of undies in the water, add soap and hand wash. Rinse thoroughly.
  • Hang newly clean undies out to dry with chip clips.
  • We strongly recommend that you aim to launder in the evenings, allowing the underwear time to dry under the cover of night. Asking to chip clip your skivvies to the antenna or, worse, to the back of the driver’s seat head rest may challenge your friendships in uncomfortable ways.

What you’ll learn:

  • No one wants to see your underwear hanging around the car, campsite, or hotel room. Repeat. Regardless of how close you are, they just don’t want that in their lives.
  • More than not wanting to see it, your buddies have a far greater aversion to the thought of your dirty shorts. When push comes to shove, they’d rather know your chip clipped boxers are as fresh as a spring meadow.
  • It’s easy. You’re suitcase will be small, light and nimble. And, assuming you don’t have terrible taste in music, your friendships will be intact after 3,000 cramped, but glorious miles.

Happy trails!