Ibex welcomes Annie Tedesco to the east coast.

When I first started imagining moving to New York City, I thought I was crazy. I’m a Colorado girl born and raised, always loving camping and rock climbing and just the smell of the outdoors. I’ve been in love with climbing for almost 10 years now and know I’ll never be able to live without it. I knew it was time for a change though, I wanted to see what the city could do for my jewelry business, along with the fact that my amazing boyfriend had been living here for over a year. So despite the craziness I felt, I picked a date for the BIG move. Now let me tell you, running a jewelry business along with wanting to make/create everything, being a thrift store treasure hunter, and athlete enthusiast; primarily a rock climber, means I had a ton of art and craft supplies, lots of clothing, and lots of gear. In the few months I had to prepare for city life I was a crazy mess trying to figure out what of my belongings were actually NEEDED and what I could live without. When going through my closet back in Colorado I had several requirements that all my clothing had to meet in order for me to bring them along; comfortable, warm (because I’m always freezing), flattering, and multi functional (not counting my dresses in that last one). As I examined every article I wasn’t surprised to see that every Ibex piece I own passed the test with flying colors! So I packed everything into the back of my Honda Element on February 4th and started driving! I am very excited to be here in the city now.

I’ve been in the city for two weeks now and I am so excited for this new environment, everyday is an adventure. I am looking forward to start working on my jewelry again, with a now much smaller wardrobe and only a few pairs of my favorite evolv climbing shoes. Now, while running around all bundled up in my woolies, this Colorado girl can now navigate the subways and streets…at least enough to get herself to the climbing gym and back home!  I’m so happy to have started my training again and can’t wait to see what the East Coast outdoor climbing areas are like!

Happy 2016 adventuring to everyone!


Mini Bio: Annie grew up in Colorado and always has loved the outdoors. In 2006 she really became interested in climbing and soon was fully obsessed. She did a little competing,but mostly fell in love with bouldering out in the mountains. In 2008 she moved up to Boulder to pursue her climbing, art and schooling. There were plenty of ups and downs and it wasn’t until 2014 that she was able to finally break through mental and physical barriers and was able to crush her goal of bouldering double digits! Along with climbing success, she started her own jewelry company; Wild Lupin Designs. Currently she is just settling into the city life in NYC and is excited to continue bouldering and working creatively on her art and jewelry.