The Conscientious Employee’s Guide to Skipping Work On A Powder Day.


Here at Ibex HQ, we’ve enjoyed a rather large pummeling of powder over the last two weeks.  With a fresh 24 inches expected by tomorrow night, it goes without saying that we’re letting folks out early for some safer travelling home. We’ve also moved a few meetings to make them more powder day friendly.

We’re lucky. As an outdoor company, there’s a certain relaxed feel we’re allowed to adopt while making high quality clothing in a small Vermont town. (Have we mentioned our dog policy?)

However, we know that there are folks not so lucky. There are people trapped at work which is tragic since perfect snow won’t ski itself. There’s a higher calling to getting out the door when the runs get that beautiful, deep and awesome. Here’s our 10 point guide to cutting out of work to cut up untracked snow. Use it wisely.

  • Commit. Pick a limit. For some it’s a foot of fresh for others less. In any case, make the decision early and stick with it.
  • Knock down the knitty gritty details. Get ahead on email, postpone the off-site meeting, plan a conference call in lieu of a conference appearance. Making as much breathing room before the snow drops will allow for more guilt free turns when things get rad on the mountain.
  • Be honest. (Mostly.) A ‘personal’ day is just that. Keep it vague if your boss doesn’t ski / doesn’t understand that skiing is a natural law as unimpeachable as gravity or wool base layers. If you do have to lie, roll vaguely. “I may have food poisoning,” isn’t exactly a lie. (You may, right?) For reference, the symptoms of food poisoning are: – Gastro-intestinal distress. –Low energy. – Vomiting. – Faceshots. –Excessive happiness.
  • Make the most of it. Don’t blow this. You’ve stolen a work day. Now get up early. Set up the coffee maker to be done before the sun rises and get to the line first. Amateur mistakes include forgetting your pass, a piece of equipment or the fact that powder days are crucial.
  • Goggles on at all times. Plausible deniability means even if you were seen, you have the capacity to deny it was you.
  • Stop ‘Grammin. Social media and the good people at GoPro have conspired to catch you knee deep away from work. Just let the beauty of the turns be enough on these days. #really
  • Multi-task. Let’s say you absolutely CAN’T miss a meeting at noon. Best option is to wear work clothing under your ski gear- (May we suggest the Pez Metro or the OD Heather Long Sleeve.)- and slip into work with a ruddy grin on your face.
  • Choose your partners wisely. It’s trite to say there are no friends on a powder day. That’s just callous. The truth is, there are some friends you should not ski with on a powder day. Four is just the right number. Go with similar skiing abilities.
  • Bring snacks. Because you’ll get hungry and one can’t live on snow alone. (Or can one?)
  • Be cool. You run into your boss, colleague, administrative assistant in the lift line? A simple nod is all you need. The worst case is you’ve lost your job, which means you’ll be free tomorrow to find the untracked stashes left in the trees.


(Above photo: Is that Ibexdude?  Could be but with the goggles on we’ll never know for sure)