Ibex Advocates


Alex Gulsby

“A peak bagging yogi traveling across the U.S.”

Alex is a travel enthusiast and outdoor lifestyle blogger living in Durango, Colorado. Alex has completed a number of large backcountry expeditions and believes there is nothing a good mountain or river can’t cure. She has explored every island in the sea of Abaco and crewed 36-foot sloop-rigged sailboats in the Pacific Northwest. She has hiked the volcanoes of Hawaii, voyaged the glaciers of Alaska and swam with reef sharks in the Bahamas. Alex is certified in both Integrative Yoga Therapy as a teacher and in wilderness first aid. Alex devotes her summers to her studies, yoga and peak bagging Colorado’s most famous mountains over 14,000 feet. While wrapping up her degree in Communication and Geography, Alex is training for the Silverton Alpine 50k and writing about all of her experiences as she travels the country in search of the world’s most breathtaking places.

IG: @barefoot_bonhomie 


Allie Rood

“Skiing for the never-summer season”

Allie’s grandfather wanted to name her Hillary, of the Sir Edmund variety, when he first saw her climbing over everything as a young baby. She grew up in Vermont, where the mountains naturally became an intrinsic part of her life. Initially a ski racer, she moved west for college and quickly discovered backcountry skiing. This allowed her to pursue skiing as a self-powered adventure sport, which afforded her the opportunity to combine her love for climbing mountains with skiing. Upon graduating from college, Allie found herself in Wyoming freeskiing full time. She competed on the Freeride World Qualifier circuit, earning multiple top 3 finishes. Now, she is focused on ski mountaineering as well as adventure sports filmmaking. Currently living in the Southern Alps of New Zealand for a never-summer season, Allie has traveled all over the world in pursuit of adventure.

IG: @allierood


Tammy Wilson

“I live and play in the mountains year-round”

Born and raised in Southern California, Tammy quickly realized city life wasn’t for her. She wanted to be in nature, and around mountains. So, she moved to Mammoth Lakes, CA when she was 22 to pursue her passion for snowboarding. Tammy wasn’t initially sure what to do during the summer months…since there was no snow to play on. But she quickly picked up rock climbing, fell in love, and she hasn’t looked back since. On any given day, you can find Tammy running around somewhere in the mountains.

IG: @tammyfaye


Spencer Harding

“Wool is pretty much the perfect fabric for my style of riding.”

Spencer’s life consists of mostly skids and wheelies, taking people on vacations, making really, really good grilled cheese sandwiches, drinking beers darker than Nordic metal, giving good hugs, taking photos of aforementioned skids and wheelies, reading Tom Robbins books, building dumb tall bikes, and generally living to tell the story…

IG: @spencerjharding

Ryan Manuel

Ryan Manuel

“I am a large advocate for wool when it comes to outdoor adventure.”

Not only does Ryan work in the backcountry areas of NM, AZ, UT, and CO as a Backcountry Environmental Biologist with Northern Arizona University, he is also constantly traveling to shoot both outdoor adventure and travel photography. He is always outside and working/living in adverse weather conditions where he is almost always wearing a wool base layer. Says Ryan, “Wool is by far my favorite fabric for both the city and for outdoor recreating.”

When he does find some “off time”, he spends it trail running, climbing, mountaineering, and backpacking in the U.S. and other countries.

IG:  @backcountry13


Nina Lussi

“Ski jumper learning to fly!”

Born and raised in the Adirondack Mountains in Lake Placid, NY, Nina does not know a life without skiing. Walking and learning to ski came as a packaged deal and since then, there has been no turning back. At the age of 8, she took her first real ski jump and fell in love with the sport. She reasons, “I mean, who doesn’t want the ability to fly?!”

Her roots will always be in Lake Placid, but she has spent the last few years traveling the world in the pursuit of ski jumping and is now residing in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Her favorite destination, so far, is actually a tie – Lillehammer, Norway (because of the waffles) and Sapporo, Japan. In between training and competing, Nina loves taking pictures, chasing boys, and going on adventures.

IG: @ninalussi


Katie Sealer

“I need clothes that can handle all weather conditions and rugged terrain”

Katie is a climber, runner and yogi. She helps manage a yoga studio/tea shop as her main job, and also works at Moosejaw Mountaineering…specifically for the gear. “Anyone that does multiple sports always needs more gear!” she says. Currently, Katie is in Kansas City training for Arkansas sandstone season, her favorite time of year. The goal is to send all the boulder problems and to maybe become more than a V-Awesome climber. Katie’s always out trail running with friends including her Dirtbag Runner friends (she started the Kansas City chapter!). She never knows what adventures may be ahead, but she’s excited to have the right clothing in which she can do it.

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JP Clifford

“I am a certified gear junkie and have been a long time fan of Ibex”

Like most, JP works a 9 to 5 desk job Monday through Friday. With only two days off a week, he takes full advantage of what the Northeast has to offer. Whether it’s surfing off the coast of Maine, climbing in the Adirondacks, or snowboarding in the Green Mountains of Vermont, he finds no shortage of adventures. He knows there’s a lot a person can do in 64 hours, and he constantly pushes the limit. While going on these weekend warrior-style trips and sharing them online, he hopes to inspire people to get outside and explore the areas around them. He looks forward to colder temps and seeing what this winter has in store.

IG: @cli33ord


Jake Young

“You can find me waking up at ungodly hours for morning rides through the redwoods”

Hailing from the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota, Jake pretty much grew up in the outdoors. During school, he worked as a wilderness guide near Tahoe, but now works in San Francisco, CA at an impact investment firm. “Essentially, we invest in companies that want to have a positive social or environmental impact on the world around them,” Jake says. He is passionate about sustainability and thoroughly enjoys his work, as it allows him interaction with a wide variety of environmentally focused companies. Jake calls himself a weekend warrior. Right after work on Friday, you can find him driving to the mountains to bike, climb, hike or ski. Although he does try to steal a mountain bike ride or trail run in the Santa Cruz mountains during the week, too.

IG: @jrryoung


Benny Barrett

“Now that I am a working man and a weekend warrior, my sport is playing outside”

When Benny’s not in the office, you’ll find him in the Ozarks. Born and raised in New England, he has called Arkansas home for over three years. He loves running, backpacking, kayaking, canoeing, fishing and doing anything outside with his wife, Natalie, and their blue-heeler, Luna. Says Benny, “I am stoked to join the Ibex team this season!”

IG: @ExploreArkansas
IG: @bbarrett522 


Anna Jacobs

“I’m always searching for just the right things to prepare me for the next adventure”

Anna was born and raised in Burlington, Vermont and graduated from UVM with a business degree. Then in 2013, she relocated to Bend, Oregon. She recalls it as a leap of faith, a wonderful adventure, moving 3,000 miles away from home to a place she had visited just two times before. Bend has inspired her to explore the great outdoors and to rediscover her love for photography. When she’s not star gazing, chasing waterfalls, or climbing local peaks, you can find Anna in the yard covered in sawdust and paint, restoring a 1966 26′ Airstream Overlander.

IG : @mssdaisy1
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