Ibex Advocates


Nick Gottlieb

“I’ve paddled all over North and South America documenting rivers that are threatened by mega-dam projects”

Nick is an outdoor adventure photographer and computer programmer. He grew up in New York City, but now enjoys his home base in northern Utah where he can drive eight hours in any direction and not encounter a single highway with more than three lanes. He spends most of his time on the road, kayaking, skiing, mountain biking, and trail running with his black lab companion, Jackie. He’s paddled all over North and South America and worked to document rivers that are threatened by mega-dam projects and other development. Although Nick has no plans to move back to Vermont, he spent a few years living in Ibex’s home state and its beautiful rivers and delicious beer will always hold a place in his heart.

Facebook: nickgottliebphoto
IG: @ngottliebphoto
Website: nickgottlieb.photography


Vince Svejkovsky

“Fly fishing is a passion that does not stop when the snow flies nor when a heavy spring thunderstorm has peaked over the mountain tops.”

Vince is 23 years old and was born and raised in the mountains of Montana. You can find him exploring high mountain lakes and streams, to the rivers that make the Missouri — all with a fly rod in his hand. New water and adventure are always to blame for fueling his fly fishing addiction through out the four seasons. Ibex has allowed him to embrace the elements in Montana, giving him the most out of what they call “Montana Moments”.

IG: @vsvejkovsky


Ryan Willard

“I probably own over 50 pieces of Ibex wool clothing from the wool boxers to merino pants”

Ryan grew up on a horse farm outside Louisville, Kentucky where he was immersed in camping and fishing at a young age. When he turned 19, he moved to Colorado to explore the mountains through skiing but quickly fell in love with rock climbing and photography. Twelve years later, those obsessions have only grown infinitely stronger. Ryan has traveled across the U.S. and the world searching out beautiful places to document. He has a deep love for the southwest desert, most specifically Indian Creek and the many desert towers scattered across the Colorado plateau. Follow along on his adventures as he scales the Wingate towers with a camera in tow!

IG: @RyanWillardPhotography
Facebook: Ryan Willard Photography


Inga Beck

“I’m happiest adventuring on two wheels.”

Inga resides in the Pacific Northwest where there is no shortage of outdoor activities. She obsesses over stylish, high performance apparel for everyday living. Inga lives and breathes bikes— working in e-com for the bike retailer Velotech, blogging for Bermstyle.com, marketing and teaching for Bikeskills.com. She loves (and owns) bikes of all genres but is most excited to ride mountain bikes. Inga is looking forward to a long summer of road tripping, exploring new trails and adventuring with friends. Follow her adventures:

Website: www.bermstyle.com
IG: @ingabeck


Carri Ward

“seeking adventure, traveling the world, and exploring nature.”

Carri is most comfortable in the outdoors, exploring Europe with her three boys or skiing with her husband. Her recent adventures include paragliding in the Swiss Alps, hiking Icelandic mountains, snorkeling between tectonic plates, canyoneering in Southern Utah and exploring European National Parks. In the rare instance that you would find her at home, she’s probably planning the family’s next backpacking trip, rushing out the door to climb with her boys, mountain bike with her dog, or just enjoy nature. She enjoys life, family, and the outdoors.

Website: www.the5travelers.com
IG: @family_fun_travels


Kevin Monahan

“Adventure, photography, Chipotle. Need I say more?”

Kevin is a recent graduate from Western Washington University with a degree in Accounting and International Business but thinks of himself as an adventure/landscape photographer. Most of his free time is spent hiking, exploring, and capturing his experiences through his camera. Some of his favorite adventures include; spending a week driving around Iceland, gazing at the stars in the Swiss Alps, watching the Aurora Borealis dance above him in the Northwest Territories, and studying abroad in Scotland for five months where he traveled to 12 different countries. Soon he will be studying to obtain his CPA and try to balance a life in the office and outdoors. Follow along to see how it goes!

Website: www.kevinmonahanphoto.com
IG: @kevindeanmonahan


Kathy Karlo

“I live for rock climbing, brown dog snugs, belly laughs, sharing doughnuts with strangers…”

You can usually find Kathy Karlo outside, probably scrambling up some obscure rock or shoving herself in a wide, chossy crack. She lives for rock climbing, brown dog snugs, belly laughs, sharing doughnuts with strangers, positive vibes, spontaneity, van-dwelling, and unplanned adventures. Her love of rock and ice has been a life-changing experience and she encourages anyone and everyone to try it. Kathy believes that climbing a rock is so much more than that…it’s a life journey that forever tests the limits of possibility. She is the author of the blog For the Love of Climbing and a freelance writer, bouncing back and forth between Boulder, CO and Brooklyn, NY. Between baking and loving on dogs, she is desperately trying not to kill the last few living basil plants in her apartment.

Read more on how Kathy found an emotional outlet through rock climbing here.

Blog: https://fortheloveofclimbing.com/
IG: @inheadlights
Twitter: @kathykarlo


Tiffany Mannion

“Ibex is part of my bicycle commute and part of my office attire.”

Tiffany Mannion believes in the slow and stunning power of a beautiful ride. Visiting Amsterdam with her niece, she started bellecycle in early 2016, a movement dedicated to the simple joy of riding a bike. Riding over 3,200 miles since then, Tiffany Mannion has bicycled in six countries and remains passionate in sharing the culture of two-wheel travel, at home and abroad.

Website: www.bellecycle.com
Twitter: @bellecycle
Instagram: @bellecycle


Charlotte Austin

“I feel great about wearing natural materials, and above all, wool simply works better than any other outdoor wear solution”

Charlotte Austin is an award-winning adventure writer and international mountain guide. Her work has been published in Alpinist, Misadventures Magazine, Stay Wild, Seattle Magazine, Women’s Adventure Magazine, Mountain Magazine, Seattle Met, and more. When she’s not writing, Charlotte works for International Mountain Guides where she leads climbing, mountaineering, and hiking expeditions around the world. She is a Wilderness-EMT, a Leave No Trace (LNT) Trainer, an extra-class ham radio operator, and holds a Level 2 Certification with the American Institute for Avalanche Training and Education (AIARE).

Her recent adventures include leading an expedition into the Hinku Valley in Nepal, crafting a cover story for Alpinist, climbing the tallest mountain in South America, and being interviewed by Women of Heart and Adventure (WHOA) Magazine. In 2015, she won first place in the Travel Reporting category in the Society of Professional Journalist’s Northwest Excellence in Journalism. Next up: Denali in May 2017.

Website: www.charlotteaustin.com
IG: @charlotteaustin

Nelson Brown

“I don’t want to be limited by what I am wearing and carrying and using, but rather be inspired and supported.”

Nelson is from New Hampshire where he attended the University of New Hampshire to study Recreation Management and Policy. In 2015 he moved to Waterville Valley, NH to become the Assistant Director at the Waterville Valley Recreation Department. A true passion of his is getting youth active and interested in the outdoor. In the summer he leads teens all around the state in recreational activities such as surfing, rock climbing, hiking, and biking. Outside of work he is always planning his next adventure, whether that it’s a road trip across the country, backpacking in the White Mountains, or traveling to Iceland, his curiosity and desire to explore new places is endless.

IG: @nelson__brown


Britta Kfir

“I’m a moon-worshipping- adventure-seeker from San Diego”

Britta is a moon-worshipping- adventure-seeker from San Diego, California. She’s a proud Colorado native and has summitted 10 of it’s 52 14’000 foot peaks. She is also an avid surfer and slackliner, and loves pushing her limits as a triathlete. Her travels have brought her through much of Southern India, Eastern Asia, Europe, and the continental US, but more than anything, she loves exploring the West Coast and all its diverse climates. Britta is a certified yoga and AcroYoga teacher and hosts retreats and immersions internationally, sharing the ‘art of play’.

IG: @brittarael
Website: www.brittarael.com


Bradford Smith

“I believe there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing”

So much of Bradford’s life revolves around cycling that he doesn’t think twice about it. Instead of deciding which car to drive to work her wonders which route or trail he wants to take, then picks the appropriate bike and clothing. He hasn’t owned a car for ten years. Every time he gets on his bike he’s just as excited as the last time he was on it. Whether it’s riding to work or racing across the country, it’s brought him to so many places that he still can’t believe. Follow his adventures to see where we will go next!

IG: @bradford_smith