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VIDEO: Design Of Adventure – The New Black

The New Black Trailer from Ibex Outdoor Clothing on Vimeo. When we kicked off our Design of Adventure film series with Circles and the Firefly Bicycles crew, we knew we wanted to focus on the small pockets of culture – presenting the inside scoop on how an outdoor scene comes together. So, in the last on the… Read more »

The Conscientious Employee’s Guide to Skipping Work On A Powder Day.

Here at Ibex HQ, we’ve enjoyed a rather large pummeling of powder over the last two weeks.  With a fresh 24 inches expected by tomorrow night, it goes without saying that we’re letting folks out early for some safer travelling home. We’ve also moved a few meetings to make them more powder day friendly. We’re lucky. As… Read more »

Ibex Asks: Hot Dog… The Movie. Where are they now?

Here at the Buzz, we’re not afraid to tackle the burning questions of the day. Hard-hitting, wool-wearing journalists that we are, we know that you come to the Ibex Buzz to stay abreast of the latest news in the worlds of sports, politics, business and fashion. In that vein, Ibex Asks… The cast and crew… Read more »

New Snowmaking System Means Rikert Nordic in Ripton Can Weather Any Winter

Winter came early to most of Vermont this year, but it arrived earlier still in the town of Ripton, just a short hour’s drive into the Green Mountains from Ibex headquarters. Rikert Nordic Center, owned by Middlebury College and perched high on the Breadloaf Campus got the white stuff early. They opened their doors on… Read more »

A Family Cycling Odyssey Along the Chilean Cordillera, Part II

Here is part two of the Clark’s interview about their upcoming bike adventure in Patagonia. Read part one here. IQ: Let’s talk about the South American ride. Are you riding now as a family? Are you training? DC: No. [Ed. Note: We both crack up at this line.] Actually, one of the challenges of a… Read more »

A Family Cycling Odyssey Along the Chilean Cordillera, Part I

Dan and Alice Clark are about to ride bikes from Patagonia to northern Argentina. The trip will last eight months and they’ll cover about 5,000 kilometers, with nearly 75,000 feet in elevation gain – a sweet trip by any measure. But what makes it truly extraordinary is that their son, Koby (6), and daughter, Ava… Read more »

The Science of Layering: How Walter White Would Dress for Ice Climbing

We were a little late to the “Breaking Bad” party. Nothing a little binge-watch on Netflix can’t take care of. Aside from the secret shame of how much screen time we’ve put in this January, we’re jacked up on science now – thanks to everyone’s favorite anti-hero. Aside from the haz-mat suit and pleated slacks,… Read more »

Ibex Plays a Game of “Stranded in the Backcountry” with Serena Gordon

Scenario: You’re stranded with plenty of water, basic food and heat in a cabin in the snowy backcountry. Who: Serena Gordon, cycling goddess, cyclocross badass, saver of wild places, writer and Ibex-sponsored athlete. Ibex: You get to choose: In which snowy backcountry area would you love to be stranded? Serena: Any place with a big… Read more »

The Ultimate Telluride For-2 Giveaway

ARE YOU READY??? The Ultimate Telluride-For-2 Giveaway is happening NOW!!! For the next 4 weeks, we’re giving away some amazing prizes including the Ultimate Giveaway Grand Prize to one lucky winner which includes Icelantic Skis, Zeal Optics HD Goggles, Osprey Packs luggage, Ibex Aire Jacket, Hat & Woolies, and a 2-Day Telluride Ski Resort Vacation!… Read more »