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Outdoor Recreation—Shaping Economies of Tomorrow

Stewardship is part of the Ibex manifesto and we believe deeply in environmental conservation and protecting our wild places. Being outside exploring the natural world is engrained in who we are as people as well as what we are as a company. The ability to wander a wide-open landscape is not something we take for… Read more »

Laurie Strongin is Truly a Mega Mom

In anticipation of Mother’s Day, we thought we would reach out to our Ibex community and ask a simple question: Who would you like to nominate for special Mother’s Day recognition? We got a lot of responses suggesting some super moms out there, but of all the nominations, there was one that truly stood out…. Read more »

Try Packing Something New

I’m always willing to try out new gear, but to be honest, most of the time, I know exactly what I’m going to pack for a given trip. I have a few tried-and-true staples that have never let me down, and more often than not, I throw them in my backpack without thinking twice. I’ve… Read more »

The Changing Climate of Powder Chasing

As scientists around the world continue recording the warming of the earth’s atmosphere and oceans, winter sports enthusiasts start getting nervous. What will winters look like in the future and how will that affect those powder days we all love? To get some answers, we talked to someone whose career is all about forecasting skiing… Read more »

Meet the Designers Behind Ibex

There’s so much that goes into making a single garment, much less an entire product line. For our designers, their inspiration is built into the threads of each product. So what drives them to source the finest in innovative materials? How do they bring magic to the process of producing the finest Merino wool active… Read more »

How You Can Advocate for Public Lands

Rather than bury this resource deep in a story, let’s get straight to the point: Our public lands are threatened in a major way right now. Go here to email, snail mail, call, fax (search Google for “fax machine near me” for a laugh) your congress person to let them know how critical public lands are to… Read more »

Enjoy the Flavor of Vermont

Maple Syrup ahead sign

Vermont is home to some of the oldest ski areas in the United States. They crisscross the big, rolling mountains with runs that cut through the seemingly endless New England hardwood forests. It’s this unique combination of pioneering ski history and the abundance of maple trees that creates the unique flavor of skiing found only… Read more »

The Ibex CloseKnit Weaves Social Responsibility Into Company Culture

Ibex Close Knit

The fibers of Ibex’s relationships–with our farmers, manufacturers, designers, among our staff, and with our customers–are woven into every product that leaves the factory. In the fall of 2016, the Ibex leadership established CloseKnit, an employee-run corporate social responsibility committee that aspires to strengthen these bonds and create new ones. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is… Read more »

Inside the The Renewal Workshop with Founder Jeff Denby

Jeff Denby holds an Ibex + TRW garment

“We truly believe that companies who participate early in the development of a circular economy are going to have a competitive advantage.” -Jeff Denby, co-founder of The Renewal Workshop With over a decade of combined experience in the apparel supply chain business, Jeff Denby and Nicole Bassett were used to visiting factories, not owning one. This all changed… Read more »

Badass Outdoor Women

As part of Women’s History Month, Ibex’s web developer, Amanda Kievet shared with us some of the women who inspired her. These portraits illustrate 9 badass women, who’ve inspired all through their feats as mountaineers, environmentalists and bicyclists. Annie Smith Peck (1850-1935) — American mountaineer, lecturer and writer. She ascended Matterhorn wearing pants and a… Read more »

Bike Touring the Baja Divide Mountain Bike Route

By Ibex Advocate Spencer Harding This past January I embarked for a three-week stint on the new minted Baja Divide Mountain Bike Route from San Diego to the tip of the Baja peninsula in Mexico. Lael Wilcox and Nicholas Carmen had been working on refining the route for the past three years and invited a… Read more »