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Climbing Tips for Beginners

From Ibex Athlete & Climbing Guide Karsten Delap Karsten works as a rock and alpine guide at Fox Mountain Guides. He has been pursuing mountain adventures for over 20 years; follow him here. *** Most of the people I talk to love the outdoors or at least some aspect of it, however, almost in the… Read more »

Protect These Lands: Our National Monuments at Stake

The public comment period for President Trump’s proposed review of two decade’s worth of national monument designations ended on July 11, not with a whimper but rather a veritable bang. The review’s public comment period, which lasted for 60 days, elicited more than 2.5 million responses (with Ibex’s signature proudly among them). Of the comments,… Read more »

The Secret to Wool in the Summer

Itchy wool sweaters are a bit like lima beans or peas: right beside our memories of being forced to sit at the table until we cleaned our plate is Mom’s voice, insisting that you keep the sweater on if you wanted to go outside and play. Now, we try and load our plates with mostly… Read more »

Colorado Mountain Club: The Voice of Colorado’s Mountains

America’s public lands received a veritable threat in April when President Trump issued an executive order to review the national monument designations. The order mandates the Secretary of the Interior with the task of reviewing all designations (or expansions of designations) under the Antiquities Act made since January 1,1996 where the designation covers more than… Read more »

What Dogs Think of Take Your Dog to Work Day

Ibex honors Take Your Dog to Work Day every day. We’re 100-percent committed to the boost that dogs bring to our daily satisfaction, productivity and humor. We love our dogs of Ibex (you’re going to want to click that link. It was a barely concealed ‘plant’ to something that will make you smile). Back in 2013 we even… Read more »

5 Ways to Maximize the Summer Solstice

Banks and bosses may not recognize it, but outdoorsy folks have their own official holiday in June. Sandwiched between Memorial Day’s kickoff to summer and the Fourth of July’s family-friendly festivus, the Summer Solstice serves up the year’s earliest sunrise and its latest sunset, inspiring a season of feel-good, frenetic fun. Let the seemingly endless… Read more »

Join Us In Defending Our Public Lands

Nearly one million people have spoken out in support of our national monuments. We (along with over 70 other organizations) add our voice to theirs in an open letter to Secretary Zinke urging him to listen to the will of the people and continue our conservation legacy. Thank you for joining our efforts in defending public lands!

Watch: A Brooklyn Trail

Sometimes you just need to get off the beaten path to discover those truly magical places that can transcend you to another dimension. For athlete Ben Clark, that special place was a hidden trail in the heart of a concrete jungle. Watch his story below. A Brooklyn Trail from Ibex Outdoor Clothing on Vimeo.

Ibex is Biking to Work in May

May is National Bike to Work Month for most of the nation. That sounds auspicious indeed, but for lots of folks around the country, special calendar designation doesn’t factor into their daily routine. These are the folks who get out of bed, get ready for the day, and always throw a leg over the bike… Read more »

Outdoor Recreation—Shaping Economies of Tomorrow

Stewardship is part of the Ibex manifesto and we believe deeply in environmental conservation and protecting our wild places. Being outside exploring the natural world is engrained in who we are as people as well as what we are as a company. The ability to wander a wide-open landscape is not something we take for… Read more »