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A Family Cycling Odyssey Along the Chilean Cordillera, Part II

Here is part two of the Clark’s interview about their upcoming bike adventure in Patagonia. Read part one here. IQ: Let’s talk about the South American ride. Are you riding now as a family? Are you training? DC: No. [Ed. Note: We both crack up at this line.] Actually, one of the challenges of a… Read more »

A Family Cycling Odyssey Along the Chilean Cordillera, Part I

Dan and Alice Clark are about to ride bikes from Patagonia to northern Argentina. The trip will last eight months and they’ll cover about 5,000 kilometers, with nearly 75,000 feet in elevation gain – a sweet trip by any measure. But what makes it truly extraordinary is that their son, Koby (6), and daughter, Ava… Read more »

Ibex Plays a Game of “Stranded in the Backcountry” with Serena Gordon

Scenario: You’re stranded with plenty of water, basic food and heat in a cabin in the snowy backcountry. Who: Serena Gordon, cycling goddess, cyclocross badass, saver of wild places, writer and Ibex-sponsored athlete. Ibex: You get to choose: In which snowy backcountry area would you love to be stranded? Serena: Any place with a big… Read more »

Fast Boy

Ezra Caldwell was supposed to die from terminal cancer a month ago.  His creativity,  boldly expressed through a bike building business based in Harlem, was supposed to be a legacy at this point, a remembrance. Yet Ezra burns on. He regularly writes on his own mortality in a revealing and thoughtful blog, Teaching Cancer to… Read more »

NEMBAFest 2013 Rocks the Kingdom in Burke, VT

Tim Reynolds is an elite cross country ski racer and native Vermonter. He contributes to The Buzz on all things related to our home state Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom doesn’t play host to as many Phish shows as it once did. But if you passed through East Burke, VT last weekend, you would have thought otherwise…. Read more »

Let’s Talk Jerseys

When you want to go on a ride, the last thing you want to think about is style. But there it is: the subliminal pressure to look good without showing effort; the hope to “fit in” without losing your flair; the need for gear that works without forgoing socially acceptable fashion. Ibex is a performance… Read more »

It’s Not Lance Armstrong’s Fault

Has it come to this? Are we seriously blaming Lance Armstrong for our poor sartorial choices? According to the Wall Street Journal, Lance’s fall from grace – or at least his fall from being the poster boy for cycling in America – is changing the way we dress for a ride.  WTF? (Excuse our tour… Read more »

Seattle Ibex Store Kicks Off Bike Month with Party

May is Bike Monthand Ibex took the reigns of the West Coast celebration last week with the inaugural “Wheel and Wool Bike Party.” According to Jenny Demetrio, our irrepressible Seattle retail manager, “It was a smashing success! The house was full all day – especially with families and those looking to ride in style this… Read more »

Cyclocross World Championships Hit Just as Cycling Envy Reaches Full Stride

Cognitive dissonance. It’s basically that emotional tension of balancing conflicting thoughts at the same time. It’s like commiserating with your closest gal-pal as she vents about her boyfriend, but secretly agreeing with the boyfriend on just about every point. We want to be amped for skiing in this otherwise under-achieving winter (weather-wise), and we are…. Read more »