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Ibex Flips Black Friday on Its Head with Never Before Seen Discounts!

Suspended in the dream of shoppers everywhere, Black Friday is but a few days away. Ibex continues to lead the charge in the world of Merino wool and performance-cum-fashion apparel – this time by slashing prices for one shopping day only. A Black Friday discount incentive may not be new, but have you ever seen this before? 32% off… Read more »

Ibex End of Summer Sale Begins August 4th

You know when you’re buying back-to-school supplies and the store clerks are busy putting up Christmas decorations? Too fast, right? Well, considering our End of Summer sale begins on Monday, August 4, it may seem like we’re a little itchy on the seasonal trigger finger, too. Not so fast, oh, revelers of warm weather and… Read more »

For the Love of the Ride

We’re supposed to be angry at professional cycling. We’re supposed to be disillusioned and downplay the accomplishment of pushing pedals over the Alps, through endless sunflower fields, and across the beautiful cruelty of the Pyrenees. We’re supposed to give up on an entire sport. “Supposed to” has never planted the seed of inspiration. “Supposed to”… Read more »

World Cup Fever: What Not To Do at THE Biggest Football Match in Four Years

Thanks to Tim Howard, flamboyant hairstyles, and the collective enthusiasm of the rest of the world, Americans have finally begun to like soccer. This Sunday, the biggest tournament of the globe’s most popular sport wraps up with the final match between Germany and Argentina. If you’re lucky enough to be partying in Rio right now,… Read more »

How to Avoid Being the “3-Day Weekend” Cliché

Ibex sincerely honors the true meaning of Memorial Day and those who’ve given their lives in service to the country. Today, we also honor – albeit with far less sincerity – the quotidien meaning of the holiday: Three! Day! Weekend! You know that guy: the one who is going to fit absolutely everything into the… Read more »

To Russia With Love… An Ibex Ode to the XXII Winter Olympic Games

Oh Sochi, you had me at vodka. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not entirely that shallow. The Olympics hold a special place in my heart – one of the few things above pot-shot sarcasm and immune to cynicism. With no regard for nationality, my allegiance is to sport and to the athletes who hold strong… Read more »

Ibex Specials for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

We may not say it enough, but we love you. And for the people we love, our hope is to make their lives easier and filled with warmth. Love it or hate it, Black Friday is this week. With our pledge to make your life easier, we’re offering one, delectably straightforward (and killer) Black Friday… Read more »