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Vermont in the Spring – An Ibex Quiz

Our Spring catalog is hitting mailboxes in the weeks ahead and with it a look at some of the new things we’re doing with wool. Our new Weightless Wool collection brings the performance of our favorite fiber to active life, we added more prints for more summer tee options, and we have more lightweight wool… Read more »

Ibex New Spring “Live” Collection Leaves More Time for Living

For spring and summer days that call for long brunches more than long runs, the Ibex Spring 2014 collection throws some easy-living style your way. This is not “shlubby sweatpants” easy. This is “one-stop office casual” and “effortless style” easy. Since it’s downright good-looking and on-trend, we hate to market the men’s Linerider Button Up… Read more »

The Science of Layering: How Walter White Would Dress for Ice Climbing

We were a little late to the “Breaking Bad” party. Nothing a little binge-watch on Netflix can’t take care of. Aside from the secret shame of how much screen time we’ve put in this January, we’re jacked up on science now – thanks to everyone’s favorite anti-hero. Aside from the haz-mat suit and pleated slacks,… Read more »

Vermont-to-Colorado Connections: A Q&A with Icelantic Skis

As part of our involvement with the Telluride-For-2 Giveaway, we wanted to get to know our Colorado-based co-sponsors better. We caught up with Icelantic Skis Event and Partnerships director, Sam Warren, to hear how this once small company turned into one of  Colorado’s most sought after ski brands. IBEX: Icelantic has a cult-like following in the… Read more »

The Science of Layering for Skate Skiing, Downhill and, Of Course, Sledding

credit: Layer, shmayer. Everyone says it and we all get it, right? And how often do we all blow it? Regularly. There are three primary reasons for the value of layering: Proper layering leaves enough space to trap air, which your body will heat and the air will return the favor. Practically speaking: If you… Read more »

Vermont-to-Colorado Connections: Ibex Q&A with Zeal Optics

As part of our involvement with the Telluride-For-2 Giveaway, we wanted to get to know our Colorado-based co-sponsors better. We sat down with Zeal Optic’s Director of Marketing, Joe Prebich, at the brand’s retail store in downtown Boulder, Colorado to better understand what goes into the fashion, function and sustainability of the brand’s eyewear. IBEX:… Read more »

Ibex Specials for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

We may not say it enough, but we love you. And for the people we love, our hope is to make their lives easier and filled with warmth. Love it or hate it, Black Friday is this week. With our pledge to make your life easier, we’re offering one, delectably straightforward (and killer) Black Friday… Read more »

One more week: Ibex 2013 Tent Sale

It’s become an annual tradition, along the lines of Thanksgiving, Yom Kippur and Disneyland: the Ibex Tent Sale in Quechee, Vermont. Families drive from near and far, bikes roll in, children jump with glee and the balloonists fly sky high.  The tent opens early, always with a line snaking far longer than any of us… Read more »