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Ibex Flips Black Friday on Its Head with Never Before Seen Discounts!

Suspended in the dream of shoppers everywhere, Black Friday is but a few days away. Ibex continues to lead the charge in the world of Merino wool and performance-cum-fashion apparel – this time by slashing prices for one shopping day only. A Black Friday discount incentive may not be new, but have you ever seen this before? 32% off… Read more »

Things to Do Over Labor Day Weekend in Every US Time Zone

You could accuse Ibex of being Vermont-centric, and you wouldn’t be wrong. We love us some “freedom and unity” (our state motto rocks, does it not?). Though we’re proud of our New England home, we’re not so drunk on the maple Kool-Aid that we can’t appreciate the rest of our beautiful nation. With Labor Day… Read more »

Happy Fourth of July from Ibex

Happy Independence Day! It was some forward-thinking in 1776 that set out the philosophical foundations of our country: equality, inalienable rights, power granted from the consent of the governed, and more. And this (see below) – this – is how we honor those game-changing ideals? Say what?!? Not so fast, Mr. Fanny Pack. An argument… Read more »

How to Avoid Being the “3-Day Weekend” Cliché

Ibex sincerely honors the true meaning of Memorial Day and those who’ve given their lives in service to the country. Today, we also honor – albeit with far less sincerity – the quotidien meaning of the holiday: Three! Day! Weekend! You know that guy: the one who is going to fit absolutely everything into the… Read more »

It’s Never Too Late To Give A Sheep! New Year Gift Guide

Photo by Jake Lyell, Courtesy of Heifer International What ever happened to easy? Remember when a lump of coal or an orange was the barometer of a good holiday? Okay. We don’t either. But we do remember a simpler time, when the crush of holiday gift giving wasn’t so overwhelming with choices and access and… Read more »

Ibex Specials for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

We may not say it enough, but we love you. And for the people we love, our hope is to make their lives easier and filled with warmth. Love it or hate it, Black Friday is this week. With our pledge to make your life easier, we’re offering one, delectably straightforward (and killer) Black Friday… Read more »

Halloween 2013: Dog in Sheep’s Clothing

We all have some unfortunate skeletons in our Halloween closets. There was the Mexican wrestler outfit that didn’t account for acrobatic moves. There was “wild and crazy guy” costume you wore as a woman, while your ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend went as a Baywatch babe. There is every occupation, animal or devil that has ever been… Read more »

Introducing Merino/Poly Blend for Retreat-Style Yoga Line

Ibex is proud to partner with the Society for Natural Resource Extraction (SNRE) for our latest top-of-the-line fabric: an 18.5-micron Merino and 100% extra virgin, oil-based polypropylene blend. The proprietary fabric, exclusive to Ibex, will be the centerpiece of our new Yoga Retreat Line, called Downward Dog for the Upwardly Mobile (DUM). The hallmark of… Read more »

Groundhog Day: The Sheep Chronicles

Breaking News: February 2nd may come and go relatively unnoticed by most of the world, unless: a) it’s your birthday, b) you live in Punxsutawney, or c) you’re a sheep. February 2nd is Groundhog Day, one of the most polarizing rodent-based holidays of the year. Everyone has a fervent opinion. See your shadow; don’t see… Read more »