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Winter Resolutions: Ten Things to Realize Before April Fool’s Day

I’ve had it with traditional New Year’s resolutions. Weigh less, drink less, cut back on coffee. Aside from the fact that I pity the fool who tells me to drink less coffee, why are New Year’s resolutions so restrictive? Here at Ibex, we believe resolutions should affirm, not deny. We’re going to stop admonishing ourselves… Read more »

Phew, there wasn’t a catastrophic meltdown today!  Happy Holidays from your friends at Ibex. (Source:

Ibex Cyber Monday Sale Starts Late So You Have More Time to Play

This is what we think Cyber Monday should look like.            Photo credit: Vibrantnation It’s tempting to knock off your holiday shopping list in one fell swoop. But isn’t is more tempting to go on a hike in the crisp November air and take advantage of the quickly dwindling daylight hours? Since our bias is toward… Read more »

The Black Sheep of Black Friday: Shopping Ibex Style

We’re going to assume that if you’re reading this, you are not on your smartphone already in line for to pay $2.99 for an off-brand 87” LCD TV. Here’s our take on the shopping phenomenon known as Black Friday. Everyone loves a great deal and little incentive. We’re not immune to saving money. In addition… Read more »