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Nine Questions With Jason Self from Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Last year, the Buzz profiled one of our sponsored athlete/advocate teams: the crew from Out of Sight, Out of Mind (OSOM). They are three kayakers living in the Pacific Northwest who began to see the world differently after the BP oil spill in 2010. Instead of sitting idly with their outrage, they decided to make… Read more »

YogaSlackers Just SLAYED the Patagonia Expedition Race Weather, massive gastro-intestinal distress and Vietnamese cravings could not slow down the YogaSlackers as they crossed the finish line of arguably the toughest adventure race on the planet. Less than a week ago (at this writing), the Patagonia Expedition Race wrapped up 10 days of trekking, paddling and riding… Read more »

Not much can compete with the striking beauty of New Zealand farm country. But when Dave ‘Gundy’ Anderson talks about his life and philosophy of living with the land, his words strike like a modern-day Aldo Leopold. Gundy is the owner and manager of Bog Roy Station, located nearly smack in the middle of the… Read more »

Vermont’s Green Racing Project Warms Up for Winter With Cross Country Ski Tips In the Green Mountains of Vermont lies a little place we like to call Shangri-La. Imagine, if you will, miles upon miles of groomed ski tracks that double as blissful, rhythmic running trails in summer. Place those trails next to crystal clear… Read more »

Boston’s Favorite Team: Team Ibex

The Red Sox. The Bruins. The Celtics. The Patriots. The Newbury Street Ibex Team. Okay, we may not have the “most” googled team in Boston, but the players’ on Team Ibex certainly warrant some super fandom. They are highly trained technicians in the art of Merino wool; they are passionate outdoorspeople and little-known Boston savants…. Read more »

Climb Against the Odds 2012

Ibex’s Own, Amy Legate, Summits Mt. Shasta to Fight Breast Cancer To be accurate, Amy Legate (pictured above, on the right) recently reached the summit of Mt. Shasta for the second time. But if numbers are the focus, let’s get directly to the meat of the issue: •    5 = Years that Amy has been… Read more »

Olympic Bound: Eric Hurd to Compete in London for the USA

In my life, I’ve had the good fortune to interview heads of state, royalty, titans of industry and world-class athletes. So what’s the deal with the butterflies in my stomach prior to a Skype call with Eric Hurd? He’s a canoeist and kayaker at the top of his game – not unlike many others I’ve… Read more »