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Vermont-to-Colorado Connections: A Q&A with Icelantic Skis

As part of our involvement with the Telluride-For-2 Giveaway, we wanted to get to know our Colorado-based co-sponsors better. We caught up with Icelantic Skis Event and Partnerships director, Sam Warren, to hear how this once small company turned into one of  Colorado’s most sought after ski brands. IBEX: Icelantic has a cult-like following in the… Read more »

Vermont-to-Colorado Connections: Ibex Q&A with Zeal Optics

As part of our involvement with the Telluride-For-2 Giveaway, we wanted to get to know our Colorado-based co-sponsors better. We sat down with Zeal Optic’s Director of Marketing, Joe Prebich, at the brand’s retail store in downtown Boulder, Colorado to better understand what goes into the fashion, function and sustainability of the brand’s eyewear. IBEX:… Read more »

Top Five Ways to Peep Like a Local

Leaves… people! Peeping at leaves! We Vermonters have a love/hate relationship with leafing season. How can you not be lured in by the nature’s annual show of flamboyance? It’s stone-cold gorgeous. Economically, we’re grateful, of course, for the multi-week tourism boom. It’s just that as a collective of 600,000+ independent spirits, we still have lives… Read more »

Five Things To Do as the Dog Days of Summer Yield to Full-fledged Fall

As avowed dog fanatics, allow us to geek out for a minute. The Canis Major constellation is visible in summer, and the brightest star of Canis Major is Sirius – a.k.a. the Dog Star. The term “Dog Days” originated in ancient Greek culture, though it’s more often associated with ancient Rome. In ancient times, Sirius… Read more »

Fast Boy

Ezra Caldwell was supposed to die from terminal cancer a month ago.  His creativity,  boldly expressed through a bike building business based in Harlem, was supposed to be a legacy at this point, a remembrance. Yet Ezra burns on. He regularly writes on his own mortality in a revealing and thoughtful blog, Teaching Cancer to… Read more »

He Said, She Said: Planning to Run Hut-to-Hut in the Austrian Alps

Joe Mills and Kara Henry are just your average couple. You know… in a typical week, they work full time, study for advanced degrees, have a few beers with friends, rack up first ascents on 5.14+ routes and run 100-mile trail races on the weekends for fun. Like we said: average. That is if “average”… Read more »

Meet the New Ibex CEO Ted Manning

Ted Manning recently stepped through the doors of the Ibex world headquarters in White River Junction, Vermont, as our company’s new CEO. With the gravitas of any other like-minded company, we suited up and welcomed him with an agenda of focused strategy meetings, a high tea meet and greet and a rousing round of product… Read more »

Griffin Whiteside’s First Hand Experience from the 2013 Psicobloc Comp

This past week I got real scared. Local Salt Lake climber Mike Beck and Chris Sharma resurrected the famed Summer Outdoor Retailer Show competition but added a twist, water. The Psicobloc Comp gathered an impressive crowd to the Olympic Park in Park City, Utah to witness the first deep water soloing competition in The United… Read more »

Another Successful Summit for Climb Against the Odds

On June 20, 2013, 27 unrelated people ascended Mt. Shasta as a team. Sixteen of those people reached the summit at 14,179-feet. Eleven ascended to a personal summit of equal significance. There may have been more climbers on the dormant volcano in Northern California that day, but these 27 individuals carried the weight of advocacy… Read more »