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Bog Roy Station: 18.5 Micron Next time you put on an Ibex garment made from the 18.5 Micron fiber you’re putting on a garment from Dave Anderson’s flock in New Zealand. This video is a farmer profile on Dave Anderson and his family owned Merino Wool farm, Bog Roy. (Source:

Climb Against the Odds 2012

Ibex’s Own, Amy Legate, Summits Mt. Shasta to Fight Breast Cancer To be accurate, Amy Legate (pictured above, on the right) recently reached the summit of Mt. Shasta for the second time. But if numbers are the focus, let’s get directly to the meat of the issue: •    5 = Years that Amy has been… Read more »

Olympic Bound: Eric Hurd to Compete in London for the USA

In my life, I’ve had the good fortune to interview heads of state, royalty, titans of industry and world-class athletes. So what’s the deal with the butterflies in my stomach prior to a Skype call with Eric Hurd? He’s a canoeist and kayaker at the top of his game – not unlike many others I’ve… Read more »

Season of the Protest: Take a Stand (and Dress Well)

While we’re not afraid of taking a stand, Ibex isn’t here to lecture or get political. Though we’re not above a little friendly persuasion. Collectively, we are a group of individuals with strong ideals and opinions. We don’t always agree, but we always support the right to speak up. More than anything, we believe in… Read more »