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Ski Area Opening Dates Around the Country (and Canada, too)

If you’re a child of the ‘80s, you believe in the power of positive thinking. If you practice yoga, manifesting may be more your thing. If you lean toward the scientific, you compare forecast models….or watch the Weather Channel. However you do it, can we all please send a collective call for snow? Last winter… Read more »

Vermont’s Green Racing Project Warms Up for Winter With Cross Country Ski Tips In the Green Mountains of Vermont lies a little place we like to call Shangri-La. Imagine, if you will, miles upon miles of groomed ski tracks that double as blissful, rhythmic running trails in summer. Place those trails next to crystal clear… Read more »

Seattle Overtaken by Sheep: Ibex Opens Storefront in Seattle

Move over coffee, fish and alt rock, sheep are the latest “it” craze in Seattle and they’re here to stay. Ibex and our trusty Merino-sporting sidekicks have set up a brick and mortar store at University Village, the open-air shopping area just north of downtown. Much to our chagrin, we won’t be bringing any actual… Read more »

Bog Roy Station: 18.5 Micron Next time you put on an Ibex garment made from the 18.5 Micron fiber you’re putting on a garment from Dave Anderson’s flock in New Zealand. This video is a farmer profile on Dave Anderson and his family owned Merino Wool farm, Bog Roy. (Source:

Bahhh’d Times Ahead: Lambing Season In New Zealand

New Zealanders are so weary of the old sheep jokes that an official government website addresses the sheep to human ratio statistics…in detail! They call it “mythbusting;” we deem it “sheepgate.” The bottom line is that as of June 30, 2011, our furry little friends still vastly outnumber New Zealanders, but the ratio is lower than lore… Read more »

Boston’s Favorite Team: Team Ibex

The Red Sox. The Bruins. The Celtics. The Patriots. The Newbury Street Ibex Team. Okay, we may not have the “most” googled team in Boston, but the players’ on Team Ibex certainly warrant some super fandom. They are highly trained technicians in the art of Merino wool; they are passionate outdoorspeople and little-known Boston savants…. Read more »

Climb Against the Odds 2012

Ibex’s Own, Amy Legate, Summits Mt. Shasta to Fight Breast Cancer To be accurate, Amy Legate (pictured above, on the right) recently reached the summit of Mt. Shasta for the second time. But if numbers are the focus, let’s get directly to the meat of the issue: •    5 = Years that Amy has been… Read more »