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Why You Should Support Your Local CSA

Why should you consider contributing to community supported agriculture (CSA)?  Where to begin…  You may want to connect with a diverse local food source instead of relying on a conventional global system.  Maybe you want to gain a better appreciation for your food by learning where (and how) it is grown.  Or, perhaps you want… Read more »

How to Avoid Being the “3-Day Weekend” Cliché

Ibex sincerely honors the true meaning of Memorial Day and those who’ve given their lives in service to the country. Today, we also honor – albeit with far less sincerity – the quotidien meaning of the holiday: Three! Day! Weekend! You know that guy: the one who is going to fit absolutely everything into the… Read more »

A Letter To Mothers Everywhere

Dear Mom, Thank you for getting frustrated with us. We know we pushed you to the brink of sanity. We bickered and picked on each other and tattled and didn’t wash our dishes in the sink. We’d let our energy boil up and pester you until you’d scream for us to get our butts outside…. Read more »

Vermont in the Spring – An Ibex Quiz

Our Spring catalog is hitting mailboxes in the weeks ahead and with it a look at some of the new things we’re doing with wool. Our new Weightless Wool collection brings the performance of our favorite fiber to active life, we added more prints for more summer tee options, and we have more lightweight wool… Read more »

Ibex New Spring “Live” Collection Leaves More Time for Living

For spring and summer days that call for long brunches more than long runs, the Ibex Spring 2014 collection throws some easy-living style your way. This is not “shlubby sweatpants” easy. This is “one-stop office casual” and “effortless style” easy. Since it’s downright good-looking and on-trend, we hate to market the men’s Linerider Button Up… Read more »

New Snowmaking System Means Rikert Nordic in Ripton Can Weather Any Winter

Winter came early to most of Vermont this year, but it arrived earlier still in the town of Ripton, just a short hour’s drive into the Green Mountains from Ibex headquarters. Rikert Nordic Center, owned by Middlebury College and perched high on the Breadloaf Campus got the white stuff early. They opened their doors on… Read more »

The Science of Layering for Skate Skiing, Downhill and, Of Course, Sledding

credit: Layer, shmayer. Everyone says it and we all get it, right? And how often do we all blow it? Regularly. There are three primary reasons for the value of layering: Proper layering leaves enough space to trap air, which your body will heat and the air will return the favor. Practically speaking: If you… Read more »

Ibex Specials for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

We may not say it enough, but we love you. And for the people we love, our hope is to make their lives easier and filled with warmth. Love it or hate it, Black Friday is this week. With our pledge to make your life easier, we’re offering one, delectably straightforward (and killer) Black Friday… Read more »

Fall is the Time for Car Camping and Cocktails

Car cocktails (photo credit: flickr/dotpolka) It’s not PC, but here it goes: I love car camping. To compound the dearth of political correctness: it’s due in no small part to that you can carry cocktails and plenty of ice. The change of seasons has brought on this admission. Just yesterday, my meteorologically prophetic neighbor told… Read more »

Halloween 2013: Dog in Sheep’s Clothing

We all have some unfortunate skeletons in our Halloween closets. There was the Mexican wrestler outfit that didn’t account for acrobatic moves. There was “wild and crazy guy” costume you wore as a woman, while your ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend went as a Baywatch babe. There is every occupation, animal or devil that has ever been… Read more »