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Why Merino Wool is the Natural Choice for Fitness Apparel

Sheep aren’t frequently celebrated for their endurance abilities, a notion which has sadly and inaccurately been projected onto their fleece. Let’s set the record straight on why Merino wool is the best performance fabric for all types of workouts. With the additions of new lightweight options and Merino blends over the past few years, your… Read more »

Ibex abandons Merino Wool

Ibex Outdoor Clothing is leading the charge in the world of natural fiber performance clothing by introducing a revolutionary new fiber that will change the way the industry makes performance clothing. After years of research and development, Ibex has found a fiber of unrivaled performance and a fiber that inspires unconditional love. That fiber is… Read more »

Happy Chinese New Year

We’re taking a poll for the 2015 Lunar New Year animal. Is it the Goat or Sheep? Leave your answer in the comments section of our Facebook Post, and we’ll pick a random winner tomorrow to receive a special gift from Ibex.

Turkeys Unite With Geese Against Down Clothing; Sheep Provide the Answer

In a heretofore unheard of display of inter-species relations, turkeys have joined geese in an international protest against using down as an insulator in clothing. In perhaps an even more revelatory development, sheep – not typically lauded for their collective intelligence – have stepped in to provide a solution. Leveraging their place on the national stage with… Read more »

A Modest Proposal: The Running of the Sheep*

You mess with the bull; you get the horns. The annual running of the bulls, at the San Fermin Festival in Pamplona, wrapped on July 14, as it does every year. With rockets (!!) exploding in order to startle (!!) cornered bulls into stampeding the most terrifying 825-meter run imaginable, it’s a miracle only eight… Read more »

What is Merino Wool?

What is merino wool, you ask? Only a weather-regulating, all-season, sustainable, do-it-all, soft as a kitten, sophisticated yet easy-going, non-wrinkling(ish), badass ninja of a fabric. That’s what. Where does it come from? Merino wool comes, not surprisingly, from the Merino breed of sheep. Hailing originally from Turkey and Spain, the breed is now globally widespread… Read more »

It’s Never Too Late To Give A Sheep! New Year Gift Guide

Photo by Jake Lyell, Courtesy of Heifer International What ever happened to easy? Remember when a lump of coal or an orange was the barometer of a good holiday? Okay. We don’t either. But we do remember a simpler time, when the crush of holiday gift giving wasn’t so overwhelming with choices and access and… Read more »

What if Your Dream Life Turned Out to Be a Sheep’s? Ibex Seeking Qualified Candidates: Live easy and stress-free near the Southern Alps of New Zealand. Your daily responsibilities will include: eating native foods and exploring nearly 40,000-acres of rolling hills and leisurely hiking 6,000-foot peaks. You’ll have no natural predators to tangle with and no boss to answer… Read more »

Wear More – Wash Less: How to Care for Your Wool

Don’t believe the hype: caring for Ibex wool is simple and straightforward. With spring temps warming our backs, now is the perfect time for a little refresher on summer-weight Merino wool* maintenance.  First we’ll share the “essentials” for cleaning and caring for your wool. Bonus: we’ll also suggest a few easy tips to maximize your… Read more »

Best Haircuts for Spring: Cuts and Colors for the Flock

Can you imagine having no say? Can you fathom if teams of people corralled you (albeit humanely) with your friends and shaved your head? Of course not! The indignity. Yet, each year, millions of sheep around the world are victims to this poverty of style. Without voice or opposable thumbs to take a round brush… Read more »