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Five Questions With the Man Behind Our Finest Wool Raising sheep tends to be a family business. We’re not sure if it’s an innate heritage of stewardship, a need for all hands on deck or if the kids simply grow up to appreciate the beauty of the family land. For Johnny Anderson, not even a… Read more »

Not much can compete with the striking beauty of New Zealand farm country. But when Dave ‘Gundy’ Anderson talks about his life and philosophy of living with the land, his words strike like a modern-day Aldo Leopold. Gundy is the owner and manager of Bog Roy Station, located nearly smack in the middle of the… Read more »

Objectifying Our Love: ZQ by the Numbers

Ever wondered what magical “it” factor makes Ibex gear so amazing, besides the impeccable design and fit? Just like Yoda can sense the force without a neon sign, the inclusion of the world’s finest, ethical, and most sustainable wool is what gives Ibex stuff theenvironmental and visceral equivalent of a warm, friendly hug. Seventy percent of… Read more »

Groundhog Day: The Sheep Chronicles

Breaking News: February 2nd may come and go relatively unnoticed by most of the world, unless: a) it’s your birthday, b) you live in Punxsutawney, or c) you’re a sheep. February 2nd is Groundhog Day, one of the most polarizing rodent-based holidays of the year. Everyone has a fervent opinion. See your shadow; don’t see… Read more »

Seattle Overtaken by Sheep: Ibex Opens Storefront in Seattle

Move over coffee, fish and alt rock, sheep are the latest “it” craze in Seattle and they’re here to stay. Ibex and our trusty Merino-sporting sidekicks have set up a brick and mortar store at University Village, the open-air shopping area just north of downtown. Much to our chagrin, we won’t be bringing any actual… Read more »

Bog Roy Station: 18.5 Micron Next time you put on an Ibex garment made from the 18.5 Micron fiber you’re putting on a garment from Dave Anderson’s flock in New Zealand. This video is a farmer profile on Dave Anderson and his family owned Merino Wool farm, Bog Roy. (Source:

Bahhh’d Times Ahead: Lambing Season In New Zealand

New Zealanders are so weary of the old sheep jokes that an official government website addresses the sheep to human ratio statistics…in detail! They call it “mythbusting;” we deem it “sheepgate.” The bottom line is that as of June 30, 2011, our furry little friends still vastly outnumber New Zealanders, but the ratio is lower than lore… Read more »