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To Russia With Love… An Ibex Ode to the XXII Winter Olympic Games

Oh Sochi, you had me at vodka. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not entirely that shallow. The Olympics hold a special place in my heart – one of the few things above pot-shot sarcasm and immune to cynicism. With no regard for nationality, my allegiance is to sport and to the athletes who hold strong… Read more »

Kikkan Randall’s Journey

We’ve followed Kikkan Randall’s career with particular interest and a very personal stake in her growth as an athlete in her chosen sport. That’s because when Kikkan made it her intent to be an international caliber Nordic skier, there weren’t a lot of Americans doing just that. Kikkan comes from an athletic family. Raised in Alaska, her aunt was… Read more »

Fall is the Time for Car Camping and Cocktails

Car cocktails (photo credit: flickr/dotpolka) It’s not PC, but here it goes: I love car camping. To compound the dearth of political correctness: it’s due in no small part to that you can carry cocktails and plenty of ice. The change of seasons has brought on this admission. Just yesterday, my meteorologically prophetic neighbor told… Read more »

Top Five Ways to Peep Like a Local

Leaves… people! Peeping at leaves! We Vermonters have a love/hate relationship with leafing season. How can you not be lured in by the nature’s annual show of flamboyance? It’s stone-cold gorgeous. Economically, we’re grateful, of course, for the multi-week tourism boom. It’s just that as a collective of 600,000+ independent spirits, we still have lives… Read more »

Fast Boy

Ezra Caldwell was supposed to die from terminal cancer a month ago.  His creativity,  boldly expressed through a bike building business based in Harlem, was supposed to be a legacy at this point, a remembrance. Yet Ezra burns on. He regularly writes on his own mortality in a revealing and thoughtful blog, Teaching Cancer to… Read more »

Griffin Whiteside’s First Hand Experience from the 2013 Psicobloc Comp

This past week I got real scared. Local Salt Lake climber Mike Beck and Chris Sharma resurrected the famed Summer Outdoor Retailer Show competition but added a twist, water. The Psicobloc Comp gathered an impressive crowd to the Olympic Park in Park City, Utah to witness the first deep water soloing competition in The United… Read more »

Another Successful Summit for Climb Against the Odds

On June 20, 2013, 27 unrelated people ascended Mt. Shasta as a team. Sixteen of those people reached the summit at 14,179-feet. Eleven ascended to a personal summit of equal significance. There may have been more climbers on the dormant volcano in Northern California that day, but these 27 individuals carried the weight of advocacy… Read more »

Top 10 REAL Reasons to Bring Pets to Work

10. Because dogs at work lower stress. It’s true. Science says so. 9. Because if you think cats have no place in the “office,” you clearly haven’t heard of the Canadian Avalanche Rescue Cat Association. 8. Because according to the American Heart Association living with pets – especially the canine variety is good for your… Read more »

What Dogs Think of Take Your Dog to Work Day

Ibex honors Take Your Dog to Work Day every day. We have a fully open door policy for bringing dogs to work and it’s our great pride to announce that we recently won the Purina Pets at Work Award for 2013. We’re 100 percent committed to the boost that dogs bring to our daily satisfaction,… Read more »

John Graves and Cross Training to Peak Rowing Performance

Tim Reynolds is an elite cross country ski racer and native Vermonter. He contributes to The Buzz on all things related to our home state John Graves is a world-class rower. In his second year with the Craftsbury Outdoor Center’s Olympic Development Program, Graves recently won the National Selection Regatta in Princeton, NJ. He’ll be… Read more »