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Griffin Whiteside FA: The Last Great One V13

The Last Great One v13: Griffin Whiteside FA from Scott Hall I was introduced to “The Last Great One” project at the end of 2012 by a close friend, Chad Parkinson. Immediately I was in disbelief, perfection was the only word that I could associate. The holds are all comfortable, the moves powerful, and the… Read more »

It’s Not Lance Armstrong’s Fault

Has it come to this? Are we seriously blaming Lance Armstrong for our poor sartorial choices? According to the Wall Street Journal, Lance’s fall from grace – or at least his fall from being the poster boy for cycling in America – is changing the way we dress for a ride.  WTF? (Excuse our tour… Read more »

Mount Deborah Recap: “sometimes, surviving is enough”

Dawn arrives: a perverse, grey tingle.  Dog tracks mix with blood in the snow.  A distinct smell of fire.  We must be back in Alaska. Waiting is a game I’ve become good at in Talkeetna.  From here all the planes fly, usually to Denali.  We’re going somewhere new though.  A map, a compass, pounds of… Read more »

Treating Your Trash Well: How an Obsession With Waste Formed a Committed Partnership

Being mindful of the waste we generate isn’t unusual, but stopping at nothing to minimize the negative effects of our trash and recyclables shows a little bit of our company’s obsessive nature. Our partner in (admittedly obsessive compulsive) trash-related crime, Poly Recovery, often claims to be pioneers in sustainable recycling. Though that sounds great, the… Read more »

3 Climbers Attempt the Unclimbed South Face of Mount Deborah

Photo Credit: Erik Eisele Photo Credit: Bayard Russell Michael Wejchert (top) and his New England partners, Elliot Gaddy (right) and OR Athlete Bayard Russell (left) are off to attempt the unclimbed South Face of Mount Deborah in Alaska.  Early in the season we sent Michael and Elliot some ibex products to test during their training,… Read more »

Happy Birthday Ernest Shackleton!

Today marks Ernest Shackleton’s 139th birthday.  Happy birthday Mr. Shackleton!  If you don’t know who Ernest Shackleton is, he was one of the most famous polar explorers of the early 1900’s.  Ernest is most know for his Endurance Expedition 1914-16.  Because Ernest was such a legendary explorer we named our Shak products after him for… Read more »

On ending a dead-end relationship

Dear Polypropylene, I’m breaking up with you. It’s not only that your name is impossible to spell, and that the very sound of it is a dead give-away to your “born-in-a-laboratory” birthright. It’s just that I’ve found a better partner, and I’m madly in love. Who it is isn’t as important as why. I don’t… Read more »

Winter Resolutions: Ten Things to Realize Before April Fool’s Day

I’ve had it with traditional New Year’s resolutions. Weigh less, drink less, cut back on coffee. Aside from the fact that I pity the fool who tells me to drink less coffee, why are New Year’s resolutions so restrictive? Here at Ibex, we believe resolutions should affirm, not deny. We’re going to stop admonishing ourselves… Read more »

How Ibex Wool Is Critical To Surviving The End Of The World

According to some really smart people (NASA) not currently employed by Ibex, as the Mayan Calendar expires on December 21, 2012 absolutely nothing will happen…except maybe another boring Winter Solstice. Phew!!! Glad to get that out of the way. Now that we are all on the same page, imagine yourself in an alternate reality where galactic… Read more »

Season of the Protest: Take a Stand (and Dress Well)

While we’re not afraid of taking a stand, Ibex isn’t here to lecture or get political. Though we’re not above a little friendly persuasion. Collectively, we are a group of individuals with strong ideals and opinions. We don’t always agree, but we always support the right to speak up. More than anything, we believe in… Read more »