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Top Five Ways to Peep Like a Local

Leaves… people! Peeping at leaves! We Vermonters have a love/hate relationship with leafing season. How can you not be lured in by the nature’s annual show of flamboyance? It’s stone-cold gorgeous. Economically, we’re grateful, of course, for the multi-week tourism boom. It’s just that as a collective of 600,000+ independent spirits, we still have lives… Read more »

Drawn On The Season

If you think about the movement in the seasons in Vermont, there is a pause that happens every year right now. It’s as though some seasonal archer has spent the warmer months pulling an arrow back in his bow, loading it with potential: the frantic movement of summer, the bike rides, the swimming holes, the… Read more »

NEMBAFest 2013 Rocks the Kingdom in Burke, VT

Tim Reynolds is an elite cross country ski racer and native Vermonter. He contributes to The Buzz on all things related to our home state Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom doesn’t play host to as many Phish shows as it once did. But if you passed through East Burke, VT last weekend, you would have thought otherwise…. Read more »

Winter Resolutions: Ten Things to Realize Before April Fool’s Day

I’ve had it with traditional New Year’s resolutions. Weigh less, drink less, cut back on coffee. Aside from the fact that I pity the fool who tells me to drink less coffee, why are New Year’s resolutions so restrictive? Here at Ibex, we believe resolutions should affirm, not deny. We’re going to stop admonishing ourselves… Read more »

Vermont’s Green Racing Project Warms Up for Winter With Cross Country Ski Tips In the Green Mountains of Vermont lies a little place we like to call Shangri-La. Imagine, if you will, miles upon miles of groomed ski tracks that double as blissful, rhythmic running trails in summer. Place those trails next to crystal clear… Read more »

Trash Talk: Ibex Tent Sale and the Zero Waste Initiative

Fugee Speaks. We respect the sheep (of course), the craft (without a doubt), the customer (duh!), and our shared natural and living environment.  “Fugee Speaks” is a regular column with notes on what Ibex does behind the scenes to keep Vermont and Mother Nature happy. With our annual Tent Sale, October is a big month… Read more »

Late Fall Harvest: An Ode to Yummy Food and Changing Seasons

As snow is falling on mountaintops across the country, is it too late to still be obsessing over our gardens? Oh well. The gifts of the fall harvest keep giving long after the moment they’re pulled from the soil. Many of us here at Ibex are avid gardeners and half-hearted foodies – lacking the commitment… Read more »

Ibex How To: How Merino Wool Is Critical To Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse

Once the esteemed fellows at the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) created a preparedness and prevention campaign for the Zombie Apocalypse, we were sold. What more proof can you possibly need? According to the CDC, “If you’re ready for a zombie apocalypse, then you’re ready for any emergency.” True that. In just… Read more »

Boston’s Favorite Team: Team Ibex

The Red Sox. The Bruins. The Celtics. The Patriots. The Newbury Street Ibex Team. Okay, we may not have the “most” googled team in Boston, but the players’ on Team Ibex certainly warrant some super fandom. They are highly trained technicians in the art of Merino wool; they are passionate outdoorspeople and little-known Boston savants…. Read more »