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Ibex Athlete Karsten Delap shares with us some Tool Techniques for mixed climbing. (Source:

A Q&A With Ibex Videographer Evan Kay

Evan Kay has a made-up job here at Ibex. It’s not fake; he literally created his own job description and pitched it to our CEO. His pitch went a little something like this: Why don’t I travel around for Ibex and I’ll make films about what I see? Bold pitch. It worked because Evan is… Read more »

VIDEO: Design Of Adventure – The New Black

The New Black Trailer from Ibex Outdoor Clothing on Vimeo. When we kicked off our Design of Adventure film series with Circles and the Firefly Bicycles crew, we knew we wanted to focus on the small pockets of culture – presenting the inside scoop on how an outdoor scene comes together. So, in the last on the… Read more »

Nutritional Information for Ibex Fall Line 2013

What you put into your body is arguably more important than what you put on it. But in the end, aren’t all the choices you make connected in some way? If food nourishes the body, is it possible the other choices we make in life nourish the soul? If given the option for environmental sustenance,… Read more »

Cyclocross World Championships Hit Just as Cycling Envy Reaches Full Stride

Cognitive dissonance. It’s basically that emotional tension of balancing conflicting thoughts at the same time. It’s like commiserating with your closest gal-pal as she vents about her boyfriend, but secretly agreeing with the boyfriend on just about every point. We want to be amped for skiing in this otherwise under-achieving winter (weather-wise), and we are…. Read more »

A First Look at Some of Ibex’s Fall ’13 Goodies

In celebration of the Winter Outdoor Retailer show that happens Jan 23rd-25th, we’re giving you a sneak peek at next years Puget Jacket, Aire Madison Coat, and the Wool Aire Mittens.  Click a video below to have the first look at next years goodies.

It’s winter here in Vermont, that means it’s Woolies season. We put this video together to help those who might be having trouble deciding between the 150 and the new 220. Stay warm this winter with the help of our Woolies. (Source:

Phew, there wasn’t a catastrophic meltdown today!  Happy Holidays from your friends at Ibex. (Source: