220-221, Whatever It Takes Layering the Ibex Way

Jack Butler, from the 1983 John Hughes classic,Mr. Mom. He’s a businessman-cum-stay-at-home dad trying desperately to look macho in this scene: Come on over here, Ron. Let me show you what I’m doing, taking advantage of some time off. To, uh, add a whole new wing on here. Gonna rip these walls out and, uh, of course re-wire it.

Ron Richardson (Jack’s antagonist): Yeah, you gonna make it all 220?

Jack Butler: Yeah, 220, 221. Whatever it takes.

“220, 221. Whatever it takes.” John Hughes = brilliant.

The new Woolies 220 are identical in construction and have the same, soft feel of the original Woolies, but are made from a new, heavier weightimage

Though I personally have a deep-seated and somewhat irrational fear of electrical wiring, I’m down with 220 – the Ibex way. (Besides, after my teenage self came to grips with the fact that no one can live up to the Jake Ryan ideal, my faith in John Hughes wavered.) Woolies 220 is the newest addition to everyone’s fave base layer line, our original Woolies.

18.5-micron Merino wool (220 g/m2 compared to the original 150 g/m2).

The Woolies’ ribbed knit construction provides space for air permeability contributing to superior performance and excellent stretch and recovery.

The result: the same next-to-skin comfort with a broader range of options for a broader range of temperatures and activities.

With so many options, how is one to choose? Without hesitation, our response is obviously to not choose. Everyone should have the original Woolies and the Woolies 220 in their quiver! But, our arrogance is all for show. To begin building your Ibex Woolies wardrobe, here are some considerations.

The original Woolies and the 220 line share the same performance qualities of wicking away moisture while still keeping you warm, remaining naturally odor-resistant and offering four-season, next-to-skin comfort. All of the options in both lines offer a form fit.

Here are some thoughts for choosing your perfect, next-to-skin base layer.

Woolies 220 are the ideal choice, if you…

  • Live in an extremely cold climate,Get cold easily,
  • Prefer a base layer that affords just enough heft to drape a bit more modestly.

Original Woolies are the ideal choice, if you…

  • Anticipate cold, but perhaps, more moderate temperature swings,
  • Prefer a whisper-light layer against your skin, and/or
  • Plan on wearing a tight or fitted second layer.

Check out all the Woolies options for:

Happy Woolie Winter!

Ibex Girl