A Sheep, An Irishman and Oscar Wilde Walk Into a Bar: Five Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day


To all those planning to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, Irish or not:

For the record, we believe that you were just trying to help the sheep over the fence. Trust us, we work with sheep all day long so we’ve heard ‘em all before. [NSFW and wildly inappropriate: Sheep joke websites.]

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we have no plans to get drunk on green beer, kiss strangers and otherwise reinstate the poor decision-making that somehow infiltrated every March 17th from age 21-29 (err… more like 17-29, but who’s counting?). Ibex wants to celebrate all things Irish by adding a little class to this otherwise debauched holiday.

  • Live for a day like Oscar Wilde or Yeats. If you don’t feel smarter, more attractive and more of a bon vivant in the presence of their quotes, you’re missing the point on reading comprehension. “I can resist anything but temptation.” Yeah, Oscar, that’s what I’m talking about.
  • Learn how to deliver a proper toast. Hit up the Irish Proverb-a-day site and make it your own, or stick with the tried and true.
  • Find the best corned beef and cabbage in town.

Who are we fooling? Drink your Guinness, sport some wool, beg for kisses, and for one glorious night pretend that you’re once again 22 and have plenty of time to make up for the inevitably poor decisions St. Patrick’s Day seems to inspire.

Lá sona st Pádraig!

From your friends at Ibex