Back to School: Kid-Approved First Day Fashion for Parents

Kids are so much cooler now than when we were their age. It used to be that back to school shopping was an annual rite of passage – not only to accommodate growing bodies but also to set up your fashion flair for the year.

Today, kids will wait to start shopping until a few weeks after courses begin. Apparently, it’s not cool to have a crisp new outfit on the very first day. And second, as my teenaged niece explains, “You need to scope out what everyone else is wearing so you can go in another direction for personal style.” If only I’d been so savvy I may have saved myself from an unfortunate year of neon patterns in the late ‘80s.

Let it be known that while your kids may wait to shop, parents who are dropping them off at school have no such luxury. If it’s up to our kids, we need to present the perfect fashionable-yet-not-trying-to-hard, comfortable-yet-not-sloppy, on-trend-yet-age-appropriate, and effortlessly cool outfit. Bonus points if it includes pieces they can borrow (while denying they would ever wear them, naturally).

Ibex has you covered with easy-to-follow outfits that have you securing your children’s love, admiration and sartorial respect, while transitioning you effortlessly to the next phase of your day.

Dad’s Can’t-Go-Wrong School Delivery Get-Up:

  • Start with an Ibex Ace Shirt, for a casual, cool vibe.
  • Top with a sweet Shak City Roller if it’s chilly. (Bonus points if you ride bikes to school, though it’s not a prerequisite for this mid-weight layer.)
  • Pull on some Merino Crew Socks, because showing up with stinky feet could equal adolescent excommunication.
  • Find a cool pair of jeans. Everything else is a slam dunk, but here’s where you’re on your own, and it can be a minefield. What “cool” absolutely does not include: pleats (!!), high or NC17-rated low rises, embellishments or overwrought pocket detailing, and acid wash.
  • Socially conscious shoe, like an Oliberté Nakobo Chukka.

Mom’s Can’t-Go-Wrong School Delivery Get-Up:

  • Start with the little black VT Dress. You know how fall weather starts with a brisk morning and typically ends with hot afternoon? This sleeveless wonder will keep you comfy throughout.
  • We usually wouldn’t tell you what to wear under that dress, but here’s a tip if you’re accompanying your kids by bike: Be ready for the breeze. The Balance Boy Shorts offer plenty of coverage and are seamless for saddle sitting comfort.
  • For the morning commute, slide on a bright pop of color with the VT Hoody – mid-weight layer with a sleek silhouette.
  • For the afternoon pick-up, pair with a cool wrap scarf that you already have in your closet. Bonus points for seasonal colors.
  • Keep it all functional with a Reclaimed Wool Felt Tote Bag for your tablet and work gear.
  • Shoes are dependent upon what Mother Nature is throwing your way, but this versatile dress pairs with just about anything: leather sandals, beefier espadrilles, a trendy pair of sneakers or even a low bootie.

Here’s to keeping the peace on the first day of school and beyond.

Happy Back to School.