Happy Fourth of July from Ibex

Happy Independence Day! It was some forward-thinking in 1776 that set out the philosophical foundations of our country: equality, inalienable rights, power granted from the consent of the governed, and more. And this (see below) – this – is how we honor those game-changing ideals? Say what?!?


Not so fast, Mr. Fanny Pack. An argument could be made that your message is getting lost in your… err… exuberance. We’re not making the argument; we’re just sayin’.

Ibex is wicked proud of being an independent, U.S. company from the great state of Vermont. It’s just that we demonstrate that enthusiasm with a little more subtlety and (what we hope is) a lot more substance. Over 70% of our apparel is sewn right here in the USA: creating jobs, paying solid wages, and ensuring responsible environmental practices. When you wear an Ibex piece, you are supporting America – without the worry if primary colors clash with your skin tone.


Still feeling an unscratched itch of patriotism? We take it to the next level with our Shak Lite line (women’s and men’s ½ Zips and Full Zips, plus women’s Shak Lite Hoody) and our complete sock collection. Both of these lines are from the fleece of homegrown Montana sheep. The raw fiber is from the US; it is woven into wool fabric in the US; it is sewn in the U.S. Boom: trifecta! That’s what we mean when we say, “Made in the USA.”


If there’s ever a day to wear red, white and blue together, it is most definitely July 4th. Rock that flag loud and proud. If you’re seeking the substance of that feeling the remaining 364 days of the year – albeit with less conspicuous symbolism – Ibex has you, and America, covered.

Here’s to continuing to strive toward the ideals set forth in the Declaration of Independence and here’s to a Happy Fourth of July!