How To Roll Into Winter with Style: Five Tips to Stay Warm, Fashionable and Stand Out from the Herd

Do you ever watch those makeover shows on television? It’s compelling television – especially if you only tune in for the last five minutes to catch the full effect of the before/after shot. The problem with most of those shows, however, is that the stylists never take into account the 300 million Americans (give or take) who don’t live in New York City. They dress everyone as though they’re taking a taxi to their first day of work at Vogue magazine: gorgeous – but hardly transferrable to a less urban and more meteorologically-challenged environment.

Winter is on its way and with it will come snow, Arctic temps, cruel winds and slushy sidewalks. In the hierarchy of basic needs, we want you to be warm first, fashionable first and a half, and individually expressive second. Here a few tips do all three.

  1. Start at the top. In any season in a city or in a rural hamlet, accessories are your punctuation mark of personal style. It’s plum silly to leave the house without a hat in a cold winter climate, so you best make sure your hat and scarf have a side of sass with their warmth. Just like a good haircut, find a hat that works with the shape of your face. The new Ibex Stella Hat is like the bob of the hair styling world: it looks good on everyone, while never looking exactly the same on anyone.Bonus tip: The poor knit beanie gets a bad rap sometimes. A simple beanie can look good on everyone. Just pull some hair down to frame your face in the most flattering light, and voila: you’ll be warm, look stylish and feel 10 years younger.
  2. Layer it up. We know you’re thinking, “If I had a nickel for every apparel company that told me to layer.” We all know it’s the secret for cold weather workouts, but it’s also the secret to fashionable, cold weather work wear. A multi-functional bottom, like the Woolies 150 Low Rise, plus a swanky pair of boots and a knit dress equal an easy-going, great-looking style.Bonus tip: A vest in a slim silhouette, like a Wool Aire or Carrie Vest, can be the difference between a cold, long day in the office and a comfortable, fashionable one.
  3. Think mixed textures. And while you’re at, think mixed performance and fashion attributes, too. A Merino wool sweater with a leather coat and denim jeans is high mountain style. A bouclé sweater over a silky top adds interest and flair.
  4. Invest in a rad jacket. “Rad” is a subjective term, but you’ll know it when you see it for yourself. You lean urban, but live in upstate Vermont or mid-state Colorado? Look for the sleek silhouette of the Lexie Coat. Prefer more details, but with equal warmth and sophistication? Try the Chamonix Coat.Bonus tip: If your climate and lifestyle screams for more insulation, but all you can see in the mirror is the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Woman, add a belt. We tend to like a slim belt right at natural waist level, but wide belts work, too, depending on proportion. An gravel-colored Aire Madison Coat with an electric blue belt? To die for.
  5. The most stylish woman is the most comfortable. We’re not talking sweat pants. We’re talking about the woman who is confident and makes her fashion choices not by what someone else dictates, but rather by what makes her happy. In winter, staying warm is a component of that happiness. Ibex is a proud accomplice to warm, stylish, confident women everywhere.