Ibex abandons Merino Wool

Ibex Outdoor Clothing is leading
the charge in the world of natural fiber performance clothing by introducing a
revolutionary new fiber that will change the way the industry makes performance
clothing. After years of research and development, Ibex has found a fiber of
unrivaled performance and a fiber that inspires unconditional love. That fiber is Dog
Fur Fiber (DFF).

“Ibex is proud to introduce such an innovative new fabric to the outdoor industry,”
said Ted Manning, CEO of Ibex. “We have searched the globe for natural, sustainable
fibers to make performance apparel and realized that the best fabric was right under
our desks all along.”

After sitting under Ibex’s noses for so long, the Product R&D team at Ibex began
experimenting with DFF, and tested and retested what they now consider the finest
and highest performing natural fiber in the world. One of the strengths of DFF is that
dog fur comes in a variety of colors so Ibex is able to use the natural palette of the
dog fur. This means they use very little dye, which is of course, very environmentally

The new Ibex DFF collection comprises the following performance fabrics:

Shiloh – This blend of 75-percent German Shepard and 25-percent Husky is the
perfect blend for high performance winter pieces. Huskies are great cold weather
performing dogs and that performance is passed on to this technical fabric. The
German Shepard helps to keep the user focused and alert during winter activity.

MiniShnauz – This is 100-percent Miniture Schnauzer fabric. Like the Miniature
Schnauzer, this textured fabric is wiry and durable. These characteristics make it
perfect for Ibex’s high performance alpine warmth layers keeping you ready to go at
any time.

BS115 – Great for casual performance wear, BS115 is a blend of 50-percent Bull
Dog and 50-percent Shih Tzu. The laziness of a Bull Dog and the elegance of a Shih
Tzu combine perfectly to form the backbone fabric for Ibex’s Live collection. While
still being able to perform when asked, this fabric is for clothing that you wear on a
lazy Sunday or after a hard trail run.

“One of the strengths of DFF is that it is very easy to clean,” explains Dave Maslen,
Animal Fiber Specialist. “You can clean it with your own saliva or that of someone else. It holds odor very well and the product will continue to give long after it is
sheered from the dog.”