Ibex Athlete Griffin Whiteside shares with us the perfect climbing attire


First Ascent of #tall V9, Joe’s Valley, Utah

Photo: Matt Irving

In this guest post, Ibex-sponsored athlete Griffin Whiteside reviews some Ibex gear after punishing it for a few months on rock, at school and around town. Check out Griffin’s profile on 27crags.com, or do a vimeo search to live vicariously for a few minutes. Read on for Griffin’s take on the Ibex Tuck Pant, Hoodie Indie, and the Merino Logo T.

After the Winter Outdoor Retailer Show, I had the opportunity to test several Ibex staple products, plus some newer additions to their line. The Tuck Pant and Hooded Indie were by far my favorites.

Ibex Tuck Pant: The Tuck Pant is exactly what every climber and outdoor enthusiast needs. Every pant I have owned prior hasn’t been able to collectively solve the problems of: durability, mobility, and warmth. The Tuck Pant solves all three. When used for climbing, pants from climbing [companies] or other outdoor clothing companies have all become shredded in their short lives.

The Tuck Pants are built to last. They provide a worry-free feeling when hiking or just scurrying around. Obviously, you can use heavy-duty pants when climbing or being in the outdoors, but no one wants to feel like they are in a straight jacket when doing so. Again, the Tuck Pant provides the solution.

They provide full range of motion while performing any activity. Bonus: the Tuck Pant is a perfect solution to layering up in the winter months. I have found no need for long underwear in well below freezing temperatures while using this pant.

On a quick side-note, for those who happen to have long legs, the Tuck Pant is a must. No more endless and unsuccessful searches for pants – these pants are your solution!


First Ascent of the Last Great One V13/14, Joe’s Valley, Utah

Shown here: Hooded Indie (India Orange) and Tuck Pant (Black)

Photo: Anthony Chertudi

Ibex Hooded Indie: The Hooded Indie is perfect for any physical activity. It provides a slim fit, maximum mobility, comfort, and plenty of warmth. This was my go-to choice for all of my winter climbing. As it’s been warming up quickly around Salt Lake City, I have been able to test the Hooded Indie in a variety of temperatures. This light and mobile sweatshirt seems to effectively regulate cold and warm temperatures.

As the warmer months have been creeping in here around Utah, I have quickly learned that spring simply does not exist here. One weekend it’s below freezing and snows a foot. The next it’s endless sun and 70-degrees. Despite this severe inconsistency and my over-dramatic, pre-teen tendencies, Ibex Merino wool manages to regulate both with ease.

While most of the Ibex clothing I’ve tested (thus far) has been primarily in winter weather use, it performs just as well as the temperature warms. This wool has superior wicking abilities that fight off odor – which is bound to develop as this so-called “spring” ends. Once again, the Hooded Indie performs above expectations: it is a perfect light sweatshirt for all warm weather pursuits.

Merino Logo T: Quick note on the Merino Logo T. It’s a T-shirt, with a simple design that I frequently use and would choose over any other shirt for warm weather climbing.

– Griffin Whiteside


First Ascent of Superman V10, Joe’s Valley, Utah

Photo: Matt Irving


First Ascent of Mod Bod V11, St. George, Utah

Shown Here: Merino Logo T (Meadow)

Photo: Laura Kisana