The Ibex CloseKnit Weaves Social Responsibility Into Company Culture

The fibers of Ibex’s relationships–with our farmers, manufacturers, designers, among our staff, and with our customers–are woven into every product that leaves the factory. In the fall of 2016, the Ibex leadership established CloseKnit, an employee-run corporate social responsibility committee that aspires to strengthen these bonds and create new ones.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a form of corporate self-regulation integrated into a business model. To friends of Ibex, the formation of CloseKnit comes as no surprise: the company’s core values of making great product while taking care of the people and places around them are fertile soil for social engagement.

This year, the CloseKnit team will focus their energy on three projects that will illuminate the company’s mission of building Merino wool clothing for people pursuing adventures outside.  

close knit team

Left to right: Caitlin Quinn, Returns & Warranty Manager; Chelsea Pawlek, Supply Chain Manager; Michael Logan, Dealer Services; Keith Anderson, VP of Marketing; Regan Betts, Director of Brand; Lori Charlonne, Graphic Designer; Misti Martin Berry, Sr. Product Manager; Jake Quigley, Dealer Services; Dogs: Vaida, Rusty, Wiley


Supply Chain Spotlight 

We can usually remember where we got our favorite t-shirt or how long we’ve had that pair of well-loved socks. But to be able to trace the fiber to its source or even find the folks who laid the pattern on the table? CloseKnit will shine a spotlight on the Ibex supply chain, creating a space for a dialogue between the company’s sourcing partners and curious consumers. 

Packaging Reform

Fortunately, the industry standard for environmental responsibility in packaging demands constant improvement and innovation. CloseKnit will embark on its own initiative to ensure that Ibex’s commitment to environmental excellence in its products are duly reflected in the way they’re packaged.

The Ibex Impact Fund

Ibex’s most important relationship may be the one that’s most in its infancy. The mission of the recently launched Ibex Impact Fund circles directly back to the company mission of outfitting people for adventure in Merino wool, only in a slightly different context: to reach folks who have challenges in accessing the outdoors. The Impact Fund will select non-profit organizations that:

* Get people outside

* Support environmental stewardship

  • * Support animal advocacy
Ibex-Day3-SV-winter-405 REV copy

The organizations will then receive monetary and product donations that will enable them to help more people spend more time outside, in clothing that makes the adventure even better.

For more information on the Ibex Impact Fund, go here.

Ibex has always been a company that wears its heart on its sleeve, literally. It’s love of adventure, dedication to innovation, and commitment to progressive production form the foundation of the company and the products. Now, the CloseKnit crew will stitch in the fine details of social responsibility, philanthropy, and local/national environmentalism. Stay tuned to see what’s in store.