Ibex Cyber Monday Sale Starts Late So You Have More Time to Play

This is what we think Cyber Monday should look likeThis is what we think Cyber Monday should look like.            Photo credit: Vibrantnation

It’s tempting to knock off your holiday shopping list in one fell swoop. But isn’t is more tempting to go on a hike in the crisp November air and take advantage of the quickly dwindling daylight hours?

Since our bias is toward the latter, we’re beginning the Ibex 48-hour Cyber Monday Sale tonight at midnight (EST). For two full rotations of the earth (until Wednesday, November 28, at 11:59 pm EST), you will receive:

40% off the ever-popular Ibex Nomads

That includes all varieties of Nomad styles for men, women and kids. So for today, layer on the Merino wool and get outside. Cyber shopping is for tonight and tomorrow, when the sun isn’t shining or the servers aren’t slowed by the traffic of online bargain hunters. Then again, if Mother Nature has blessed you with a snowy day, you can always browse early at www.shop.ibex.com.

Here’s wishing you happiness and a joyful holiday season filled with love, warmth and wool.