Ibex Flips Black Friday on Its Head with Never Before Seen Discounts!


Suspended in the dream of shoppers everywhere, Black Friday is but a few days away. Ibex continues to lead the charge in the world of Merino wool and performance-cum-fashion apparel – this time by slashing prices for one shopping day only. A Black Friday discount incentive may not be new, but have you ever seen this before?

32% off Men’s Europa Jackets (reg. $295), Black Friday price $199.99

32% off Women’s Nikki Loden Jackets (reg. $295), Black Friday price $199.99

29% off Men’s Scout Vests (reg. $170), Black Friday price $119.99

27% off Women’s Carrie Vests (reg. $150), Black Friday price $109.99

26% off Men’s Hooded Indies (reg. $115), Black Friday price $84.99

26% off Women’s Hooded Indies (reg. $115), Black Friday price $84.99

32? 29? 27? You’ve seen 10% and 20% discounts before, but who comes up with off-kilter, random and yet, unbelievably good sale prices like 32% off? Ibex does. That’s who.

Lest this innovative new math take all the glory away from the big, Black Friday picture, we invite you to take a closer look at the product offerings. If you just shouted in astonished excitement to your inanimate screen, kudos to you, my friend. Because you just found the Golden Goose in the haystack (or something like that)…

You can build an entire layering system from our Black Friday sale alone. Toss a vest over a Hooded Indie and top it all off with the sumptuous (and warm), felted Austrian wool of the Europa (for men) or Nikki Loden Jacket (for women). Boom! Holiday gift giving – done.

For winter outdoor workouts or casually elegant holiday parties, this outfit is only missing one thing: pants! Which, coincidentally, can also be found at www.ibex.com.

All Ibex socks will be on sale at 25% off throughout Black Friday, too. If your feet have never felt the embrace of a Merino wool sock, let them know that Nov. 28, 2014 is their day to know love.

Ibex Black Fridaze will last three days, because we refuse to be limited to just one.

Discounts apply from Friday, Nov. 28 – Sunday, Nov. 30, 2014, while supplies last.

(Psst: don’t even get us started on Cyber Monday deals.)

Ibex: We do the math (32% of whaaat?!?), so you don’t have to.