Ibex New Spring “Live” Collection Leaves More Time for Living

For spring and summer days that call for long brunches more than long runs, the Ibex Spring 2014 collection throws some easy-living style your way. This is not “shlubby sweatpants” easy. This is “one-stop office casual” and “effortless style” easy.

Since it’s downright good-looking and on-trend, we hate to market the men’s Linerider Button Up as the shirt for men who don’t like to do laundry. But let’s call a spade a spade. This casual, yet utterly pulled-together shirt is appropriate for nearly every occasion. Because it’s Merino wool and therefore naturally odor resistant, you can go for days without washing it. We’d lobby for weeks without a laundry session, but we recommend checking in with your significant others and close friends first.

For women who are also seeking a life that maximizes style and simplicity, not to mention minimizes laundry time, Ibex presents the Lineup Dress, in lightweight jersey knit Merino. A faux-wrap style is flattering on every body without risking a wardrobe malfunction should you move too fast or too expressively. And cap sleeves make it appropriate for a casual office. Paired with a cardigan or a blazer and a skinny belt, it’s in-line for more formal settings. Lest we forget to mention how comfortable you’ll be at that ubiquitous brunch or sales meetings or errands or…

These are just two pieces of our new spring and summer weight apparel. For a full showing of our new line, check out the Men’s New Styles and Women’s New Styles.