Merino Wool Blends are the Beatles of 2015

Photo by United Press International, photographer unknown [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The best collaborations in history are never carried entirely by one partner. They come about when the two parts together are stronger the sum of their whole. Try not to get bogged down by actual math. You know it when you see it or hear it or wear it: the best collaborations are magical.

Chocolate and peanut butter? Check.
Bert and Ernie? Yup.
Ben and Jerry? D’uh.
Jack and Meg White? Yes.
Beyoncé and Blue Ivy? Must you even ask?

Independently, each one of these is pretty darn good. Coupled with their power partner? We’re talking cuddling-baby-panda-levels of joy.

Just in time to take up residence on “best of” lists from here on out, Ibex introduces our time-tested, nearly-perfect Merino wool to a little helping of some other performance fabrics. The results of these Merino Blends are nothing shy of “everything you’ve ever wanted” in fashion-forward performance. That may reek of hubris – if you haven’t tried them on for size yet. We ask you: does Blue Ivy apologize for ramping mom’s star power up to 11? We think not.

Merino wool on its own still rocks and always will, like Neil Young with or without Crosby, Stills and Nash. Its best qualities – odor-resistance, temperature-regulation, and off-the-charts moisture wicking capacity – are only enhanced by the added durability and softness in these new blends.

Merino wool, meet Polyester
Like Lennon and McCartney, these two haven’t always seen eye to eye, but together they are genius. Ibex has encouraged wool and poly to make nice by blending a poly-faced exterior to a Merino next-to-body interior.

Check out our brand new Woolies 3 line for the results. The expedition-weight base layer retains all the benefits of wool that you already love, while the poly, magnifies the durability and the ease of layering with a smoother exterior. There’s also a touch of Spandex for added stretch. [Women’s Woolies 3; Men’s Woolies 3]

Merino wool, meet Nylon.
We went big for our new Northwest collection (click here for a look at the women’s and men’s Northwest offerings). Northwest jackets and zip-ups are true year-round pieces. With the thought of sporting them 365, we blended U.S.-sourced Nylon (30-percent) with 21-micron Merino (70-percent). The Nylon adds greater abrasion resistance for durability and an even softer feel to this new, mid-weight insta-classic.

With a 25/75-percent blend of Nylon to Merino in our men’s Taos Plaid snap front shirt, you may be looking at the shirt to outlast all others. Equally trendy and timeless, with three plaid choices that are at ease on lumberjacks and lumbersexuals, alike, the styling of the Taos Plaid is a bonus to the top-notch quality. This is a shirt you’ll wear until you’re teenaged boys steal it from you (whether that’s tomorrow or 20 years down the line).

Wool-loving people everywhere, meet Merino blends. You know a great collaboration when you wear it.