New Ibex Wool Aire Featured in “Outside” Magazine Winter Buyer’s Guide

Move over down and synthetics, there’s another lightweight insulator in town and its name is wool. The 2012-13 edition of the winter Outside Buyer’s Guide has hit the stands and the esteemed editors are recommending the brand new Ibex Wool Aire Jacket. We don’t want to boast, but on behalf of sheep the world over, we are so very proud.

Wool taking on the domain of geese and synthetic loft, you may ask? That’s right. Ibex Wool Aire is not woven wool, as you’re accustomed to. It is an insulating line of nylon outer jackets and vests with internal Merino wool batting to provide the warmth. The Outside gear testers said, “It’s as toasty as a synthetic jacket of the same weight, but will keep you warm when wet.” A similarly weighted down jacket will provide a touch more warmth, but folds like a bad suit when confronted with moisture.

At 12.3-ounces, the women’s Wool Aire Sweater weighs approximately three quarters of a pound (the men’s version gently tips the scales at 15.04-ounces). The entire Wool Aire line features a 100-percent recycled nylon outer and is machine washable.

Before the testers at Outsideappreciated the love that is wool insulation, Ibex enlisted our own testers for feedback. These men and women spend every day out in the elements, happily punishing their gear. Check out our interview with Ibex gear tester, Lindsey Fixmer. Our favorite moment happens around 01:04, when Lindsey genuinely surprises herself as she realizes how few layers she needs to sport while wearing her Wool Aire.

We’ll leave you with the subtle scent of holiday gifting and this high dollar infographic* detailing how Ibex Wool Aire wool batting compares to down and synthetic insulation:

Thanks to Outsidefor this recognition.The Outside Buyer’s Guide is not yet online, but print copies are now at your local newsstand.