New Weightless Wool Pretty Much Wins Spring and Summer – if not an Academy Award

“Gravity” did not win the Academy Award for best motion picture, though a cursory glance indicates that it may have won everything else (at least in the technical achievements). The Ibex team was pretty disappointed, considering we have reason to believe that our new Weightless Wool was the true inspiration behind the outer space blockbuster.

The logic is ironclad. “Gravity” debuted in October 2013. Ibex was working on our spring collection long before that. Our spring collection debuts “Weightless Wool.” While some people (aka everyone) may say we lack proof, association, and reason to believe that Alfonso Cuarón and the team behind “Gravity” have even heard of us, any logical person can see how Ibex Weightless Wool begets superlative story-telling, previously unimagined technical achievement and Sandra Bullock and George Clooney in space. Weightless? Gravity? Nice try to throw off of the scent, guys. Don’t worry; your secret is safe with us.

Weightless Wool (W2) is one of the highlights of our new spring collection and is the lightest material we have ever made. It is a blend of buttery soft 18.5 micron Merino wool and nylon. The result is out of this world (chalk up another point for our team!). You get the temperature regulating, odor resistance and high breathability of wool with the durability and structure “oomph” of nylon. All of this combines in an incredibly light swath of fabric.

Our W2 fabric is primed toward gear in our Peak collection – specialized performance apparel for specific sports. Check out the new W2 Sport T’s and long sleeve Sprint shirts for spring. They’re light enough to wear in the heat of summer on a long, dusty run and effective enough to take you right into winter as an ultimate base layer.

For a full showing of our new spring items, check out the Men’s New Styles and Women’s New Styles.

P.S. Sandra and George: Call us!