One more week: Ibex 2013 Tent Sale


It’s become an annual tradition, along the lines of Thanksgiving, Yom Kippur and Disneyland: the Ibex Tent Sale in Quechee, Vermont. Families drive from near and far, bikes roll in, children jump with glee and the balloonists fly sky high.  The tent opens early, always with a line snaking far longer than any of us would ever imagine.

We love you. We love bargains. We even love tents. But honestly, as you’ll see, we have valid reason to not love the tent sale as much as you do. So we’ve created a list of pros and cons, selfishly and exclusively from our perspective.


·      We love to put on a community event and see old and new friends in one place.

·      We love to find homes for samples and overruns.

·      It’s fun.

·      It’s cool to watch people get a killer deal.

·      Even though we’re working hard, we get to catch up and laugh with our neighbors and friends.

·      Frisbee.

·      Great food.

·      Dogs.

·      Sunny, mid-day breaks on the grass.

·      Picking up some Ibex gear at even greater discount than we get as employees.

·      Post-sale beers.


·      We have to get up really, really early.

As you can see, our con list is rather powerful. But the new “el jefe” doesn’t seem to think it’s persuasive enough to call the whole thing off.

With that, we welcome everyone to the12th Annual Ibex Tent Sale, in Quechee, Oct. 10th* – 12th, 2013.

*Special Thursday Ticket Night $25 per adult (5pm-8pm). Buy your ticket here.

Friday: 7am-5pm

Saturday: 9am-5pm

We’ll be up early, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.