Season of the Protest: Take a Stand (and Dress Well)

arrested-protesters-615x376.jpgWhile we’re not afraid of taking a stand, Ibex isn’t here to lecture or get political. Though we’re not above a little friendly persuasion. Collectively, we are a group of individuals with strong ideals and opinions. We don’t always agree, but we always support the right to speak up.

More than anything, we believe in discourse and having your voice heard through intelligent, composed thought, not through shouting louder than the next guy.

2011 has been a year of uprising around the world. And the craziest part is that change is happening. America hasn’t been hot on demonstrations and sit-ins since the Vietnam era. This year has reversed that trend. A lot of people are raising their voices right now, from the Occupy/99% movement, to the upcoming protest on the Keystone Pipeline proposition.

A few members of the extended Ibex family are attending the Keystone Pipeline protest at the White House on Sunday, November 6. The Pipeline is a proposed project, by TransCanada Corporation, to transfer tar sands oil from Alberta, Canada, to Texas. Author, activist and organizer of, Bill McKibben, has been a major catalyst in organizing the protest. Most of us at Ibex are opposed to the pipeline. We encourage you to take a stand, too.

Here’s the take from TransCanada:
Here’s the take from Friends of the Earth:
The organizers of the protest also maintain a site:

The story gets murkier than the typical “where will we get our energy sources” discussion. On November 1, the New York Times reported that the U.S. State Department defended its decision to award the contract for the environmental impact study to a company once connected with TransCanada.

Whatever cause matters to you and whichever side you’re on, we say speak up. Here’s an easy-to-use locater for contacting your national representatives:

And, if you are of the same mindset on the Keystone Pipeline, we hope to see you in Washington D.C. this Sunday. We’ll be among the hundreds taking a stand for our future…and looking fabulous and staying warm in Merino, naturally!