The Black Sheep of Black Friday: Shopping Ibex Style

This does not look fun to usWe’re going to assume that if you’re reading this, you are not on your smartphone already in line for to pay $2.99 for an off-brand 87” LCD TV.

Here’s our take on the shopping phenomenon known as Black Friday.

Everyone loves a great deal and little incentive. We’re not immune to saving money. In addition to all the regular holiday favorites and the sweet new fall collection, Ibex online is offering:

40% off Hooded Indies, and

40% off Zepher T’s

Seriously. That should take care of about 75% of your shopping list (including a little something for you). For the other 25%, check out

But here’s the kicker: As much as we want to sell a virtual boatload of Ibex gear for the holidays, we think spending time with family and friends is more important. So we didn’t start our Black Friday sale on Thanksgiving Thursday when you could be sleeping off the tryptophan, watching football and laughing at the reality that all of our families are just a touch crazy.

The Ibex Black Friday sale will begin at midnight on Friday (EST) and run a full 48-hours until Sunday, 11:59pm (EST).

Happy holidays and happy savings from your friends: the Black Sheep of retail.


photo credit: engadget