The Secret to Wool in the Summer

Itchy wool sweaters are a bit like lima beans or peas: right beside our memories of being forced to sit at the table until we cleaned our plate is Mom’s voice, insisting that you keep the sweater on if you wanted to go outside and play. Now, we try and load our plates with mostly green, and wool is the fiber of choice for keeping warm and staying cool, playing hard and chilling out – all of the ingredients in a successful camping trip.

Merino wool shines in all seasons, but it’s particularly well suited to summer. First, it can hang with the hours we keep. From the time you load up your car or backpack in the morning ’til the time you’re relaxing post-hike by the campfire, you’ll hardly know you’ve been wearing the same clothes all day long. The men’s All Day T can keep up with every aspect of your camping adventure; it looks good, feels good t, and won’t confess at 10pm that you put it on 14 hours earlier.

Merino’s second secret is that it holds up well in the heat. Its breathability – the ability to allow moisture vapor to be transmitted through the material – makes it practical for sweaty endeavors. Wool is also able to store moisture within the structure of the fiber, so as your body warms up, the stored moisture will evaporate and cool the air between your skin and the fabric. The women’s W2 Kinetic T is designed with our “weightless wool” technology; for warm-weather workouts, nothing can beat its soft feel, durability, and lightweight touch. When the sweating’s done, the wool wicks excess moisture from the skin so you can kick back at camp without the post-workout chills.

Finally, wool is a great travel companion. If you’re headed away to go backpacking or to make a basecamp in the woods, wool will promise that you can wear it more than once. Whereas most synthetic fibers create a happy home for bacteria, Merino absorbs moisture which then evaporates, keeping odor-causing bacteria at bay. Furthermore, wool contains Lanolin, which is how sheep don’t get soaked in a downpour and don’t stink after a day in the fields. Our Pulse shorts have a Merino liner, which means that you can confidently wear them to bag a peak one day, slay some trout the next, and play cards at camp in the evening.

Certain questions demand essential answers when planning the summer camping trip: what will keep me cool when it’s hot? Warm when it’s cool? Comfy around the picnic table, and dry and clean-feeling while I’m out playing? Merino wool – It’s as essential as the tent, tarp, and S’mores.