Top 10 REAL Reasons to Bring Pets to Work


10. Because dogs at work lower stress. It’s true. Science says so.

9. Because if you think cats have no place in the “office,” you clearly haven’t heard of the Canadian Avalanche Rescue Cat Association.

8. Because according to the American Heart Association living with pets – especially the canine variety is good for your ticker.

7. Because you can blame it on the dog if someone farts.

6. Because dogs in the office increase human productivity.

5. Because we all need to be reminded to step away from the computer and run a few hot laps around the building.

4. Because human brain function and decision-making capabilities are enhanced by fresh air, an infusion of which is necessitated by taking the dog outside every hour or so.

3. Because if you’re not worried about getting home to let dog out, you can finish more projects and knock down that to-do list. It’s not about locking people and pooches into the office; it’s about encouraging greater flexibility and personal ownership of schedules.

2. Because pets demonstrate the importance of a warm greeting… every time we see them. (Equals greater customer loyalty at retail? More inclusive work environment?)

1. Because of this.