Top Dogs: Ibex Canines Bring in $10,000 for Charity and Tales from J. Peterman

John O’Hurley visits Ibex to present award

This was the easiest $15,000 we’ve ever made.

In no way does “easy” infer the money is unappreciated. To the contrary, we’re over the moon excited about winning the “Pets at Work” contest, presented by Nestlé Purina.

Selected from among 138 entrants, Ibex won the top prize of $5,000 in puppy swag for our headquarters in White River Junction, plus an additional $10,000 donated to the nearby Lucy Mackenzie Humane Society.

To top it all off, our humble offices were graced by the Purina team and none other than Mr. J. Peterman himself… John O’Hurley! As though it weren’t enough to play an iconic Seinfeld character and to be the go-to King Arthur in Monty Python’s Spamalot, Mr. O’Hurley is a tireless advocate for dogs and a living legend announcer for the National Dog Show. That voice! We would pay good money just to listen him read the phone book – if anyone still had phone books, that is.

It wasn’t just the star power, prizes and the good feelings of charity that made it easy money.

It was easy because loving our dogs comes as naturally to us as breathing. We recognize that dogs in the workplace are directly related to heightened productivity, lower stress and more satisfied employees. We value these benefits, but the real reason we bring our best friends to work is because at Ibex, we believe that Dogs Matter.


Our dogs remind us to have fun. They remind us that we should take regular breaks to stretch our legs, do a hot lap around the building, or chase a stick. They show us that everyone should be greeted with a warm smile and genuine excitement. They are pumped for every adventure, including the daily adventure of going to the office.

We are grateful to Nestle Purina for the opportunity to select a deserving recipient of the $10,000 donation, in the Lucy Mackenzie Humane Society. Our pups have reached new levels of stoke over the massive amount of new Purina dog goodies, too.

Equally, we are honored to be recognized among a pool of other people who love their pets just as much. Alas, we know our dogs are the true winners. It is their unconditional love and joie de vivre (even the non-pooodles) that teaches us to be better humans. We’ll strive every day to live up to their standards