Treating Your Trash Well: How an Obsession With Waste Formed a Committed Partnership

Being mindful of the waste we generate isn’t unusual, but stopping at nothing to minimize the negative effects of our trash and recyclables shows a little bit of our company’s obsessive nature. Our partner in (admittedly obsessive compulsive) trash-related crime, Poly Recovery, often claims to be pioneers in sustainable recycling. Though that sounds great, the truth is that whenever you see the words “sustainable” and “recycling” next to each other, our greenwash-meter would tend to go off the charts. Fortunately for Ibex and all of their other clients, Poly Recoveryis the real deal.



1.    Environmental Conscientiousness

2.    Geographic Repurposing

3.    Local product

Ibex first sought out and partnered with Poly Recovery in the fall of 2012 for our annual tent sale. When faced with the daunting task of locally handling, collecting, processing, and recycling all the plastic and cardboard waste, of which there was a lot, only one company was fit to accept the challenge. And, they nailed it!

Since that inaugural test drive…err…event, Ibex continues to work with Poly Recovery to handle the waste from our distribution center and our Boston retail store.  (Trash trivia: Did you know that a Poly Recovery employee who lives in the area actually picks up all of the Boston store’s poly bags and stuffs them in the back of his car? Don’t say Fugee never taught you nothin’.)

Since our partnership began on a cold, wet October morning, we have longed to head down the highway to visit our friends in neighboring New Hampshire. Check out the video and photos, chronicling the day in a life of our Ibex “waste.” More than just sharing an obsessive attention to our impacts, we found shared values, and realized the unique place in the industry we each inhabit. Grab some jerky treats…err…popcorn and enjoy the film.



P.S Remember every day is Earth Day