Vermont-to-Colorado Connections: A Q&A with Icelantic Skis

As part of our involvement with the Telluride-For-2 Giveaway, we wanted to get to know our Colorado-based co-sponsors better. We caught up with Icelantic Skis Event and Partnerships director, Sam Warren, to hear how this once small company turned into one of  Colorado’s most sought after ski brands.

IBEX: Icelantic has a cult-like following in the Rockies and western states. What has the brand done to create such a large fan base? 

SAM WARREN: Icelantic was born and raised in Colorado. All of our skis are handmade in Denver. I think our community embraces both our love and passion for the Rocky Mountains. It is really cool to see our community grow geographically as the story of Icelantic is being told by friends around the world.

IBEX: Icelantic has grown quickly. How do you keep up with demand while still maintaining a close relationship with your fans?

SAM WARREN: We’ve taken a hands-on approach with everything we do. Our goal is to establish and maintain personal relationships with everyone we meet on and off the slopes. “First Tracks,” the Icelantic Community, offers great, direct access to everyone involved with Icelantic and other like-minded individuals whose passions guide their lifestyle. Through First Tracks, we are able to maintain personal connections with the entire community and open our doors to everyone who wants to get involved with the company.

IBEX: What do you think is the biggest “faux pas” committed by skiers (e.g. gaper gaps, skiing way beyond one’s limits, getting your tips stuck beneath your tall tee)?

SAM WARREN: The Classic GoPro guy who is more worried about “getting the shot” than enjoying their time in the snow. Hehe.

IBEX: What made Icelantic decide to join Ibex for this kickass giveaway?

SAM WARREN: It’s a natural fit. Four like-minded, passionate brands coming together to offer up a once-in-a-lifetime prize is right up our alley!

IBEX: What’s you favorite apres drink?

SAM WARREN: Oskar Blues’ THE ICEY.P.A. It’s pretty tasty!

IBEX: What do you think is the “next big thing” to hit the ski scene?

SAM WARREN: I think snowlerblades are making a comeback. At least, I hope they do.

Check out Icelantic at and enter the Telluride-For-2 Giveaway to win Icelantic Nomad RKR skis.