What the What, El Niño?!?

Did winter storm Jonas seriously forget to come to Vermont?


Is a little pow pow too much to ask? 

Winter storm Jonas, or as The Atlantic calls it – Snowzilla – ruled the roost over 1,000 miles of Eastern property this past weekend. The biggest viral video right now is of some dude snowboarding through Times Square. Residents of Queens are threatening to secede because they haven’t seen a single snowplow. D.C. residents are Nordic skiing in the streets. Think pieces on, “Should children be allowed to sled without parent supervision?” are popping up with passionate opinions on both sides. Baltimore received a record-breaking snowfall.

Record-breaking snowfall. Baltimore. Maryland.

Meanwhile, a few hundred miles to the north – where it is supposed to snow – we waited. And waited. And waited.

Snowzilla, my as….sumption is that somewhere a meteorologist just had their degree forcibly removed from their wall. Central Park, whose elevation peaks at 141.8 feet, has a base of 26 inches. Killington is reporting a 20-inch base at the summit. Elevation: 4,241 feet.

We can handle “off” years. Hey, it can’t be our year every year. But our southern neighbors don’t even want the snow. We’d like some. Pretty please. It’s sufficiently cold and most definitely winter wool weather. We’d just love to test our gear in precipitation of the dry, fluffy variety, too.

It’s looking good for New England to see some of the white stuff later this week. And lest we come across as petulant, may we ask a favor? A lot of people talk about manifestation and the universe. Is it too much to ask the universe to manifest a freaking snowstorm for Vermont? We promise we’ll repay you later this year with yummy craft beer, pure maple syrup, the finest in organic produce, and a fall color show to put others to shame.

Thank you in advance, universe and Mr. El Niño.

Ibex and pretty much all of Vermont