Win Swag on Friday for Official “Take Your Dog to Work Day”

How does higher productivity sound to you? What about a longer life? Lower blood pressure? Less stress? More time outside? Winning Ibex swag?

All of this can be yours in one easy step. No joke. It’s better than any Ginsu knife set, more effective than a miracle diet pill, and easier than anything ever advertised on a TV infomercial. The solution to health, happiness and financial security is bringing your dog to work.


Studies have shown time and time again that having pets nearby lowers blood pressure and stress, amps up physical and emotional well-being, and increases workplace productivity and camaraderie. Plus, your pack-loving pup gets to socialize all day, as well as flash that uber-cute look of love at you multiple times a day. What’s not to like?

Here at Ibex, we believe so wholeheartedly in the positive influences of pooches, that we not only invite dogs to work, we even won the Nestlé Purina Pets at Work contest last year. The toys and prizes were certainly appreciated, but it was opportunity to donate $10,000 to the local humane society that was the biggest honor.


This year, we’re putting our gear where our beliefs are – and giving you a chance to win. It may be the easiest contest in the world:

  • First, follow Ibex on Instagram (@ibexwool).
  • Second, shoot a photo of your puppy love at work on Friday, June 20.
  • Third, tag the photo with #dogsmatter.
  • Fourth, check out your competition on our Instagram page and encourage all your friends to support your canine buddy by “liking” his or her photo.
  • Fifth, realize that likes won’t determine the actual winner of the contest, but they’re bound to bring your doggy a metaphysical boost of love and support. Winners will be selected by Ibex.
  • Sixth, stand by for Ibex to announce the top dog, who will win an Ibex leash and dog collar, plus a W2 Weightless Wool T for their human.

Happy 16th Annual Take Your Dog to Work Day. Here’s to the businesses that make it possible, and here’s to the dogs that make every one of our days so magical.