Winter Resolutions: Ten Things to Realize Before April Fool’s Day


I’ve had it with traditional New Year’s resolutions. Weigh less, drink less, cut back on coffee. Aside from the fact that I pity the fool who tells me to drink less coffee, why are New Year’s resolutions so restrictive?

Here at Ibex, we believe resolutions should affirm, not deny. We’re going to stop admonishing ourselves for not being the people we think we should be, and we’re going to set goals to become the best versions of the people we are. On top of that, we don’t know what events will alter our worldview over the course of the next 12 months. From here on out, we’re syncing our resolutions seasonally.

Here it goes: my first annual, top 10, seasonal resolutions – winter style (in no particular order):

  1. Ski a leg-busting, lung-burning, bump run non-stop. For me, this is a run called Mushroom at Aspen Highlands, approximately 1500-vertical feet of steep, tree-skiing fun.
  2. Laugh every day, every hour.
  3. Skate ski the entirety of my “extra special rockin’ dance” playlist without losing pace on the slower songs.
  4. Apply sunscreen multiple times throughout the day while spring skiing, thereby avoiding the dreaded raccoon eye look.
  5. Take my bike in for a tune up before the snow melts so it’s ready to go as soon as the trails are.
  6. Become a proficient enough skater that the 5-year old hockey kids don’t smell blood when I step onto the ice.
  7. Never cease to be blown away by the beauty and magic of the sparkles in the air after a fresh snow.
  8. Set aside time for beers after skiing, not because I resolve to be a lush but rather because skiers are some of the funniest, most dedicated and most committed (and possibly commit-able) people on the planet.
  9. Truly listen to people when they tell me how lucky I am to live where I live.
  10. Eat, drink, work and play with equal attention to health, happiness and never taking myself too seriously.

Naturally, I’ll be doing all of these wrapped in the warm hug of Merino wool. I hope you will be too.


Ibex Girl